WoT – HD Maps Teaser Video


11 thoughts on “WoT – HD Maps Teaser Video

  1. Does look really good.

    I wonder which settings of the new render can be tweaked in the ingame settings. For example object polygon density, to name but one. How flexible, in regards to setting will the new rendering be?

    The preview seems a really big step up from from the render that we have now. So I can’t shrug off the feeling that this new render will not have an impact on fps on the more average systems, contrary to what they aim for.
    I really hope they will also succeed in the performance side of this product. As “cool” things won’t cut it when they ain’t sharp.


    1. Yeah she is very pretty I’m surprised wargaming isn’t making her dance on the stage at events like the rest of they’re female employees


  2. It does look good, really good actually, but I can’t help it, the maps still seem a lot flatter to me.

    It might be just my eyes deceiving me because it’s hard to even compare stuff in those two different renders, there’s more vegetation and objects, but if it is indeed the case, I have mixed feelings, because lots of positions will change.

    I have no issue relearning the maps a bit, I’m just worried WG is going to fuck it up and create maps with even less playable positions. They look kinda like maps in the “old days” with less terrain difference creating hulldown etc. positions, issue is compared to “old days” lots of bushes have been removed and viewrange is more saturated.


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