WoWS 0.6.6 PT : Further changes

German Cruisers:
-150mm HE pen increased to 38mm
-203mm HE pen increased to 51mm
-210mm HE pen increased to 53mm
-360 degrees rotation for Turret X,Y of Nurnberg (Admiral Makarov is not affected by this change)
-Hindenburg cannot get detonated anymore by HE splash

-Farragut, Mahan, Sims, Hatsuharu, Fubuki, Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu’s armoured deck unified to 16mm
–Benson, Lo Yang, Fletcher, Kagero, Harekaze, Yugumo and Shimakaze’s armoured deck unified to 19mm
-Lo Yang’s Mk.31 torpedo range buffed to 6.7km from 6km
-Lo Yang’s Hydroacoustic Search range buffed to 5.43km/3.75km (vs Ships/Torpedoes) from 3.48km/2.52km
-Yugumo can equip Type 93 Mod.3 now
-G-101: Front port side torpedo tube firing arc increased by 10 degrees towards rear, Mid-ship tubes firing arc increased by 12 degrees

-Penetration of Harekaze’s 127mm/54 AP Mk.32 reduced by 25%

All planes can be autodetected at 8km by ships and 7km by planes

-Emerald : 10mm armour plates buffed to 13mm

-Montana : deck armour remains at 38mm

-HSF Graf Spee : Captain changed from Wilhelmina to Thea

-HMS Gallant priced at 4500 doubloons
-USS Enterprise priced at 14000 doubloons
-HSF Harekaze repriced at 9900 doubloons


21 thoughts on “WoWS 0.6.6 PT : Further changes

      1. It’s trying to fix an unpopular branch of ships part of a troubled class of ship due to a ridiculous overpopulation of battleships by increasing its HE penetration to faceroll penetrate BBs with HE.

        Not only is it favoring using HE on a branch that was built around strong AP and weak HE (lol), but further perpetuating the notion that past tier7, cruisers are made to stay back and sling HE.

        As I said previously, it’s trying to apply a band-aid fix on a branch of ships and an entire class of ships rather than biting the bullet and doing a major rethinking around class interaction.


          1. Sorry to disappoint, I had used up all my ranting in a battle with 3 BBs camped behind spawn, convinced they did a great job and completely oblivious to the accusation that being top xp and surviving last by sniping doesn’t make you a good player.


            1. What, there’s still camping BB at spawn? Like, seriously, WG had give us fix maintaining fee instead of repaiir bill to encourage agressive playstyle ( Because you need to do more damage to be able to net credits above the maintaining cost) and there’s still camping BB. Geez. -_-


  1. That’s a freaking insane buff to Lo Yang’s hydro. German cruiser hydro on a DD with American smoke. RIP anybody who fights a Lo Yang for a cap.


  2. What’s up with German HE? Is there something wrong with it or it’s a buff aimed to increase their popularity?


        1. British CLs are better, just look at the stats. The line gets smoke and hydro, very strong heals, and maneuverability. German cruisers AP isn’t nearly as reliable and while you get HE, it doesn’t do enough damage to justify using it most of the times. I’d rather get British level AP on my German cruisers than the pretty worthless HE they get. British CLs make the german line fairly pointless, not to mention the American CAs get good AP angles as well without fairly useless HE. German cruisers as they stand are just not that good at all.


  3. I know that it’s probably not going to be the most popular opinion, but I think I get what they’re trying to do with the HE buff to German Cruisers. They’ve always been *supposed* to be a jack of all trades cruiser. They don’t have the HE/Torps that the Zao has. They don’t have the HE or lasers that the Moskva have. They don’t have the DPM/torps of the Mino, they don’t have the troll pen or radar of the Americans. But they do get torps. They do have the hydro and armor needed to rush a smoked up cap if need be. They’ve got the pen to citadel ships at range if they get lucky or the enemy plays poorly. They can sustain DPM better than the Mino because of it’s armor.

    Which means that they’ve always been a decent all around cruiser. Never excelling at anything, but it can do it all. Except the weak HE combined with the armor levels at higher tier meant that, while it didn’t have the same issues the mino did if someone went head on, it also still was an extremely weak cruiser. With this buff though, I see them as making it so that while the Hberg is never going to get the massive salvos that the other cruisers can, they’ll ALWAYS be able to get the damage in. And if they’re willing to take the hits to close with the enemy, they’ll be able to rack up the damage numbers.


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