WoT Blitz: Military Honor

Source: WoT Blitz EU Portal

Here you are, trying your best, putting up one hell of a fight for almost a full seven minutes. There’s only a single enemy vehicle left, and a one-shot at that, but your last ally standing remains idle and doesn’t even plan to battle. Eventually, the enemy dispatches the easy target, bringing victory to their team and defeat to yours. Sound familiar?

Or vice versa: several enemies are trying to box in the last remaining ally. However, he fights like a lion, standing in for the whole team and taking out enemies one by one. Of course, he’ll be showered with credits, experience, and heaps of medals, but he earned that victory for you and the team and sometimes you wish there was some way to thank such players.

Introducing Military Honor—a system of praises and complaints for Update 3.9, allowing you to review other players. Just how exactly? We’ll tell you right now!

Five Stars

Military Honor will be applied to every player profile, with its value set to three stars initially. The scale is constantly changing depending on other players’ appraisals and can range from zero to five stars.

Your Military Honor is the basis for the new system’s calculations—the higher its value, the better. Players with more stars:

  • can rate other players’ actions more frequently;
  • have a greater impact with their praises and complaints;
  • are less influenced by other ratings.

The opposite is true for players with few stars.

Military Honor relies on ratings for the past few days rather than overall appraisals. This means that it always gravitates towards 3 stars and will regularly regain that value.

Keep in mind that since Personal Rating did not enjoy much popularity and was nevertheless taking up the most prominent space in a player’s profile, we decided to hide it altogether and replace it with Military Honor. Military Honor is unaffected by your battle stats and does not influence them in any way.

Click the ‘Like’ Button

You can praise or report players on the results screen within several minutes after a Random Battle. The Team tab features a “thumbs up” icon next to each battle participant. You can evaluate a player’s performance by clicking it and choosing a reason for assigning praise or a complaint. To confirm the assigned rating, click outside the pop-up window.

The number of available appraisals per day is limited and depends on your Military Honor value:

  •          5 stars — 4 praises and 4 complaints
  •          4 stars — 3 praises and 3 complaints
  •          3 stars — 3 praises and 2 complaints
  •          2 stars — 2 praises and 1 complaint
  •          0 or 1 star — 0 praises and 0 complaints

The limits are reset along with morning missions and the x2 experience modifier—players receive a number of praises and complaints corresponding to the number of stars they have. Unused praises and complaints will not accumulate.

Received appraisals can be viewed in a player’s profile.

I’d Hang Out with Them!

There are four types of praises for players:

‘Polite Player’
If another player gave you a hint, thanked you cordially, or simply left a good impression on you, why not praise them in return?

‘Team Player’
Applicable when an ally acted competently in battle, e.g. aided in surrounding an enemy or provided cover with their hull. They sure know their team play!

‘Effective Player’
While one is valiantly fighting against superior enemy forces, it’s easy to miss out on an ally’s contribution to victory. Therefore when you see a player with 8,000 HP of damage and the Raseiniai Heroes’ Medal on the results screen, be sure to praise them for the outstanding achievement.

‘Worthy Opponent’
Such a player is truly one to be admired! Maybe they made a fantastic shot, maybe you noticed they helped a teammate, maybe they outmaneuvered you and taught you a lesson, just because they’re an enemy doesn’t mean you can’t show them some respect.

These praises have a positive effect on the Military Honor value. To prevent friends, platoon mates, and clan members from ‘inflating’ each other’s stars, the impact of a friendly praise is significantly reduced.

What a @#$%^&!

Complaints affect Military Honor negatively and are listed as follows:

‘Unsporting Conduct’
The player hinders teammates from getting to their positions, obstructs their line of fire at the most crucial moments, and even blocks their way back when allies peek out of cover. It’s hardly fun when somebody entertains themselves this way instead of fighting the enemy.

‘Inactivity in Battle’
An age-old question: why do they enter battle if they do not intend to fight? It surely has to be reported!

‘Provocative Communication’
Everybody wants to relax while playing instead of reading somebody’s profanities. Now you can report such uncivilized conduct.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to tweak complaints for enemy team chat for Update 3.9, but we will definitely add those later. It feels somewhat wrong without them.

There are also automatic complaints that are activated in certain circumstances:

Missed tournament battle
If your team prepared for a tournament battle, but was unable to join it due to an insufficient number of members, all players who did not show up will have their Military Honor decreased.

Bans received from Moderators and the Customer Service Centre
The player’s Military Honor will decrease if they are banned for violation of the game rules.

Why do we need this?

Many players suggested that a system of complaints should be added to the game. So we added an expanded version: players can not only submit complaints against other players, but also praise them.

Praises are simple: you determine trusted players, protect them from haters, and give them certain authorities—don’t forget that a vote from a player with a high reputation holds more value.

Complaints may result in an automatic penalty imposed on a player, but not immediately. A single complaint has a small effect by itself. If you receive one complaint, nothing will happen to you. Your Military Honor will not fall to 1 star, no limitations will be imposed, and you will hardly notice any changes at all. This way, you will be protected from accidental complaints and unfair players misusing this feature. In short, no innocent person will suffer.

The power of a player’s complaint against another player depends on the value of their Military Honor, and the number of battles fought by the player who submitted the complaint. Experienced players have more influence than newcomers.

Complaints have a cumulative effect. First of all, the submitted complaint is checked. Confirmed complaints start affecting Military Honor. If such complaints accumulate, the player will receive a warning. If more complaints are submitted against the same player after that, the player receives a punishment:

  • For provocations: chat ban for 3 days
  • For unsporting conduct in battles: battle ban for 1 hour

The 1-hour battle ban is a penalty of the Military Honor system and serves as an additional measure to our regular checks. Once a week, we ban bots and inactive players. With each successive violation, the penalty escalates for the same player, and may result in a complete account ban.

System launch and adjustment

Update 3.9 is the launch of the Military Honor feature. We set the system parameters based on the collected statistics, but taking into account the human factor affecting assessment, we cannot fully predict the system’s behavior. Thus, we will adjust Military Honor settings in the future, depending on player behavior, in order to make the system better and fairer. We recommend that you use the appraisal system as intended—doing so will ensure we all benefit from it.