Wargaming accuses SirFoch of hatespeech and homophobic slurs

According to this article on Kotaku Wargaming provided them with the following statement regarding their ‘skirmish’ with Sirfoch:

“We are more than willing to give members of our community second chances, but there is a level of toxicity and/or offensive language that is unacceptable. We regret having to go to such extreme measures in SirFoch’s case, but we also don’t consider those measures to be censorship because we weren’t trying to silence SirFoch’s opinion, we were simply seeking to curb the extremely profane language of a member of our contributor program. SirFoch’s latest claim that we’re somehow prohibiting him from making future videos involving our games is completely false – he’s more than welcome to make more Wargaming-related videos. If those videos continue to include hate speech and homophobic slurs, we’ll take the necessary and appropriate action.”

Quite the accusation from WG. SirFoch can indeed be very salty but branding that salt as “hate speech” and “homophobic” is unjustified and out of proportion.