Wargaming accuses SirFoch of hatespeech and homophobic slurs

According to this article on Kotaku Wargaming provided them with the following statement regarding their ‘skirmish’ with Sirfoch:

“We are more than willing to give members of our community second chances, but there is a level of toxicity and/or offensive language that is unacceptable. We regret having to go to such extreme measures in SirFoch’s case, but we also don’t consider those measures to be censorship because we weren’t trying to silence SirFoch’s opinion, we were simply seeking to curb the extremely profane language of a member of our contributor program. SirFoch’s latest claim that we’re somehow prohibiting him from making future videos involving our games is completely false – he’s more than welcome to make more Wargaming-related videos. If those videos continue to include hate speech and homophobic slurs, we’ll take the necessary and appropriate action.”

Quite the accusation from WG. SirFoch can indeed be very salty but branding that salt as “hate speech” and “homophobic” is unjustified and out of proportion.



120 thoughts on “Wargaming accuses SirFoch of hatespeech and homophobic slurs

        1. I know but I can’t stand this community’s hypocrisy standing by the most toxics ‘CC’ while deriding someone like QB who everyone loves and adores.
          And BTW, Chrysler K sucks. Maybe it can work in the hands of someone capable but that can be said of any other tank.
          Had a battle where we had 3 and the other team had none and we lost.

          Top damage was …. LIBERTE. LOOOL
          Let that sink in for a minute.

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          1. If there are people who do not like QB, then, clearly, not “everyone loves and adores” him. As for me, I dislike him. I find him to be shillng for WarGaming way too much, while people like Foch and Circon freely speak their mind.

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      1. “Most people” that are into online games to such an extent that they are fanboys of any given YouTuber or streamer, and subscribe to them so loyally, are generally of a young age. Comparing QB to Foch in such a way explains why the former has a much larger following.

        ‘When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put aside childish things.’ – 1 Corintinians 13:11

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        1. Couldn’t agree more. You should’ve seen yesterday’s QB Twitch chat with Focj lapdogs running rampant. To an extent they reminded me of their puppeteer. No wonder toxic streamer generates a toxic audience.

          Matthew 18:2-4

          2 Then Jesus called a little child to Him, set him in the midst of them, 3 and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.


    1. We already do, sadly people are misinterpreting freedom of speech. Officially the freedom of speech ends where there’s a call for violence, but nowadays it ends where people get offended which is absolutely wrong.

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        1. THANK YOU! No, you do not have a right to be a jackass on corporate sites where you agreed to a contract/EULA not to do certain things. You dont have a right to use other peoples property, if you feel it states your opinion, illegally and without their permission. If youre lucky you have the right to assemble in public places and say anything you want. As soon as you enter a privately owned space, or website, and sign a contract agreeing to limitations, your cupcake privileged center-of-the-universe princess delusions end.

          Free speech prevents the govt from censoring you, thats all. This Right to be A Cunt At All Times is completely in Sir Fochs imagination. a sign of severe mental illness. its OK, i can make shit up about his mental health, i have free speech!!! Foch raped a gazelle on Mars. Free speech!!

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      1. the freedom of speech shouldn’t end where there’s a call for violence otherwise it’s not the freedom of speech. there is a reason why the internet sites, that aspire to be truly free, move to the tor network etc hidden stuff to protect themselves from the state

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    2. So youre fine if i write an article, using the TAP logo, about how all romanians are thieves and should be exterminated? or are you gonna be fascist like WG and gonna censor me and not let me use your trademark and brand? Kappa :D


    3. If we hate them we can express it in a YouTube video wargaming you dont get a pass either buddy no one dose you commy… You pay to win company.. See I can say it too and its my opinion what you going to do and censor me big guy?! With copy right strikes?! Im sorry but you tarnished you rep already the most you should done was ignore it buddy.. Its called free speech deal with it!!!


  1. So WG defence in this matter is basically this. “He was clearly using hate speech which gives us every right to copyright strike him! It wasn’t because he was slandering our brand like we originally claimed!” LOL

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  2. WG….can you use your brain to sort the PR shitstorm. This statement isn’t helping you.

    Btw I thought Minsk was going to drain the swap in WG Paris, why it somewhat stayed the same.


  3. this whole drama is just stupid but great at the same time none of this would of happened if one person didnt overstep their bounds an threaten someone with a clearly illegal action. Its great in that this drama is now such a shitstorm WGing (if they have more then 2 brain cells) has to do something in regards to this power creep.

    Also wtf is up with sandbox? like theirs been no info other then this 30×30 stuff which honestly…is the least of their concerns when balance and economy needs a serious adjustment

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    1. This drama was going to happen one way or another. It’s not about this video, it’s about what WG is doing.
      Everyone is throwing knives at WG. They responded to Foch, could have been some other dude, it’s not really that important. The issue here is WG’s pay to win policy.

      On sandbox they test like retards, latest move being not allowing premium ammo for credits. Meaning that if you are driving a light at the start of the battle, and run into a Maus for example, you are dead. You can’t circle it because it’s the beginning of battle and there will be someone behind him to kill you and you can’t run away because the maus has 400 view range or so. It’s like whoever designs these tests never played a game of WoT in his entire life.


  4. Predictable response, guaranteed to have come from WG legal department.
    Attacking the other party’s morals, even if it’s blatantly false.

    Tsk tsk, running to lawyers already WG?


    1. It isn’t false though is it. When SF responded to people asking about WG response he said they would be able to find evidence of such behaviours on both his past twitch streams and youtube.

      So please don’t try to defend him wheb he openly admitted he has said such things when questioned!


      1. And yet, WG was fine with it until now.

        Proving my point: WG’s lawyers are digging through old content to try to demonize him to the eyes of people on the exterior, hence going straight to Kotaku, saying just how big of a meanie SirFoch is.

        So my point stands firm.
        Even firmer now that you pointed that out if anything.


        1. Why do yoi say fine with it, perhaps more rationale would be to say monitoring & in dialogue and chose that this time was the final straw.

          However he has used hate speach and nobody can deny that he has admitted it so to say your point is stronger on that fact is simply laughable.


          1. Nope sorry.

            You can’t turn a blind eye, and a few days after there’s a big thing, point at it and say :”Look, he’s racist and homophobe”

            That’s disingenuous and I don’t know how anyone can fall for it.


      2. Su- 76i pz2j do I need to continue to say the pay to win tanks? Oh yes I remember now… Type 5 heavy maus… New prem tanks that stuiped super perish at tier 6…


  5. OMG. The video was profane as hell and he deserved to be removed from CC. They never said they will prevent him from making further videos, except for those containing such comments. If it was my company I would have done the same thing. That has nothing to do with freedom of speech, but with common decency. I don’t like at all what WG is doing with these OP armored tanks, but that has nothing to do with civilized behavior, which SirFoch (who I like, I really do) didn’t demonstrate in the said video. He could have used 10-15 minutes and elaborated what is wrong without using the F. word 30 times in one minute and maybe that would have some effect in the long run. Chrysler is crap of a tank, I wouldn’t drive it once even if it was in my garage. If there are people ready to buy tank with 198 pen these days, they are welcome to do so, and I applaud WG for shaving the sheeps.

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    1. What you’re telling the world right now is that you have no problem with a company censoring your opinion under threats of bullshit copyright infringement strikes on a third party service.

      Regardless of the content, all repercussions should have been on services provided by WG.
      They started a shitstorm as soon as they started making threats on the use of a service they don’t own.

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      1. well on that part they ask apology and they step back. But in their place I should never add as CC someone, who almost always have valid opinions but the rest of his content is salty and sometimes goes extreme.. The worst part is when he goes against pubs who are newbs, noobs or disabled players don’t care, but he fuels hate into the community, the way he approaches the game..


        1. Ah but you see that isn’t what’s in question.

          You’re confusing two extremely different problems and mashing them into one issue.
          I don’t think anyone has any issue with him being a dick (right or wrong), the outrage is just on the copyright strike threat.


        2. I completely agree such a toxic person that WG ahould have never made a CC and realised this and removed him long before. His behaviours on stream are deplorable.

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    2. “He could have used 10-15 minutes and elaborated what is wrong without using the F. word 30 times in one minute and maybe that would have some effect in the long run.”

      Yeah, but then that wouldn’t be SirFoch, but QuickyBaby. His no-bullshit attitude and swearing is just his style, and there are at least 54k people who like it. And I sincerely doubt that expressing your opinion without causing a huge shitstorm would’ve had anywhere near the same effect. WG is Russian (well, Belarussian), and “peaceful protests” gain you nothing with those people.

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  6. So, Foch better shape up and drop the shit talking in his next videos, or he’s gonna enjoy whatever retaliation WG drops on him (possibly a lawsuit)?


      1. I’ve seen your previous replies, you got the issue mixed up.

        We aren’t complaining about Foch lose the CC status, is that WG staff used DMCA to threaten Foch.

        If they just get rid of his CC and get the video removed. End of story. The fact that WG tries to denying they haven’t use DMCA on Foch is not acceptable.


        1. I haven’t got the issue moxed up I am fully in the knowledge of the situation and how it unfolded, they didn’t use DMCA although i think they should do and perma ban his WG accounts.

          I would fully support such action, SF is abhorrent.


          1. You haven’t got my point. Ofc DMCA didn’t happened, but Ph3lan should not have brought up DMCA as a ‘tool’ to make Foch remove the video.

            And if WG did what you suggested- ban Foch’s account. It acts similar way as DMCA which only makes current situation worse.

            Furthermore, the statement with fake claims released by WG above worsen the situation. Why the heck WG mention homophobic slurs and denied Ph3lan did mentioned DMCA to Foch.


            1. Yes he should he would have bee entirely unprofessional to not remind SF of the potential direction and risks he faced if he didn’t take voluntary action.

              The claims above are not fake, SF said on stream in response that if WG looks or anyone looks you will find such content.


        2. No, it wouldn’t have been ‘end of story’. Had Foch been removed from the CC pool and his video taken down WITHOUT copyright strike threats, people would’ve still cried censorship and that the nazis are back. Had he been banned it would’ve been even worse.

          No matter what, the fangirls would’ve rioted anyway, because Foch barking against WG was what many were waiting so they could start barking as well, knowing that, if anyone faced serious retaliation, it would be the one who barked first = Foch.

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    1. -EDITED- (shady: If you disagree with something make a proper argument, wishing cancer or telling someone to kill himself isn’t the way to go)


    2. C’mon, that’s like saying to someone to quit his job while you know he can’t do anything else.

      Of course, SirFoch wouldn’t last 2 weeks in a real life job so it’s a good thing the internet exists so types like him can make a living instead of becoming criminals.


      1. And that is WG responsibility how? He’s a despicable human who projects toxic hatred. I wonder how long any other game Dev would tollerate him covering there games like WG have?


        1. It isn’t, of course. I’m merely pointing out that Focj lacks dorsal spine. I’ve quit jobs before from minor to major grievances and I’ve never looked back. One thing I don’t do is badmouth my former employers because… I don’t even have to explain why to decent human beings.


    3. It’s not a matter of being a kid. It’s a matter of ‘this brings me money, so why should I stop’. Also his followers like the way he trash talks, so it’s a win-win for him.


  7. “Quite the accusation from WG. SirFoch can indeed be very salty but branding that salt as “hate speech” and “homophobic” is unjustified and out of proportion.”

    In fact saying f*** for more than a minute without a break … anyone doing this to any of you (especially if you have a private or business relationship of any quality) would most probably receive your fist on his nose at best.

    Both sides did wrong in this affair, but WGs reaction to me is somewhat understandable, and what nearly all sides seem to forget – Foch started the trouble. As a matter of respect a grown up person should know the line not to cross in human relationship.

    I as WG would at least have reacted the way they did, honestly speaking. And even if Foch’s point is justified, he is a full idiot telling it this way. This only helps himself becoming a “hero of the resistance to WG”, which honestly I will not join with such a rude idiot in the lead.

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    1. DMCA was not made in order to be abused because somone was offended. Yes, using WoT footage with commentary is considered Fair Use.

      WG is the one who truly started it by over stepping their boundaries.

      This would have never happened if WG simply talked with Foch or just removed his CC status which he didn’t ask to be apart of anyways.

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      1. the thing is:they did try to talk to him…..he himself posted screenshots of his conversation with phelan…..hell it was even posted on this page………why is no one talking about Circonflex???….he was in the same boat as SirFoch……but when WG talked to him,he reacted as a grown person,fixed the thing and moved on

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        1. Because Circon situation is already solved. He insults WG’s CEO, he is warned, by WG situation resolved

          Foch criticizes WG with lots of vulgar, he stands his ground at first, WG threatens him with a false DMCA, he complies, and he still gets removed from CC status (not like Foch cares anyways)

          Point is, false DMCA is a very shitty thing to do.

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          1. so after making such a video they should have keep him as CC?…….he went overboard with that video….and he even admitted it…..maybe he don’t care about CC status…..but when they said they will demonetize his videos he realized HE F****D UP…..and now all the crying about censorship, ” big company bullying small guy”……that’s all just a smokescreen


            1. OMFG, do you even read what other people wrote? The problem is the copyright-claim and threat of DMCA-takedown, not his removal as a contributor. Geezus fucking christ.

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            2. So you would take it up the ass?

              He said he admitted to going overboard, but he wouldn’t take off the video.

              Until, WG threatened him with DMCA.

              This is a clear case of “big company bullying small guy”. There’s no way around it.


          2. Look how CF responded to the situation and look how SF responded to it. Then ask yourself again why 1 is still a CC and the other is on the list where he steps out of line in any future video he risks losing everything…..

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              1. You don’t have to receive something you are offered. He chose to accept the offer of being a CC. And participated in countless WG EU CC events, recieved trail tanks, recieved in game & out of game rewards &
                Gifts (Which jingles has talked about which however you want to look are a form of “payment”, financially benefited from being a CC with the content he has been able to create on upcoming tanks, not to forget the notoriety of being CC.

                He chose to accept this offer he didn’t have to and as such it wasn’t just given like he has tried to infer……

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        1. Almost all of his video contains footage of tanks.gg. However, the intro does contain WoT footage.

          That is irrelevant since the video contains commentary and criticism (yes even if it contains vulgar language, it is still criticism since he makes certain points in the video).

          It falls under fair use since it’s transformative.


            1. He goes in great length in saying his normal commentary that Foch does is not considered Fair Use, which in reality is very subjective and the out come depends on a court by court basis.

              His intro is another thing as it is highly edited, features a song, and his own logo.


    2. SF admitted that if WG looks sure you will find “Hate speac” and “homophobic” comments within his past lovestreams.

      So if he has openly admitted it why are you saying it is “unjustified and out of proportion”?

      Really bizare that you are trying to defend him against something he’s admitted to.

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  8. Did anyone else noticed the amount of paid WG shills popping up today (and to a lesser extent yesterday)?

    Almost no one was defending WG on the first 2 days of this shitstorm, but now all of a sudden there is a dozen new nicknames all saying Foch is a piece of shit, and WG is the mother of mercy.


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    1. Not going to defend WG but I’m kinda tired of this drama already, both party did not know how to de-escalate the situation (I think Circon’s approach is the most appropriate). I want a proper movement to push WG to change direction, I don’t need some overblown drama or a movement to defend someone who never intends to actually change anything nor actually being harmed by anything. Call me when Foch actually got a DMCA, but otherwise I’ll just let two salty party shouting at each other.

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    2. Most respectable individuals allow you SF snowflakes a few days to get some rationale but unfortunately your lack of brain function is clearly hindering your ability so we the silent majority who entirely agree with WG and thing that SF deserved at keast what he got if not more are starting to speak out as you are firstly wrong, and lastly boring….

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  9. Everybody is just going way too far about this. It’s very simple: the way Foch expressed his opinion was wrong. What he said was right. What WG doesn’t have a problem with is the content about the tank. What they do have a problem with is the way Foch brought it.
    Well … imho Foch burned his f****ng ass and got what he deserves.
    And indeed the Chrysler isn’t OP at all. To be frankly honest it’s just a joke after all the fuss everybody made of it. (Which I didn’t believe because I believed my own experience with it)

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  10. Have you seen the fucking witch hunt going on on Reddit? Foch lapdogs out for blood against anyone with a different opinion than them. Even well known and established streamers (other then QB ofc) are under attack.

    Really, what could be expected from the audience of the most toxic wot streamer?

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  11. Meanwhile, SirFoch is somewhere smiling about this whole situation. WG does nothing, he’s the oppressed guy. WG changes something, he is the hero we need but don’t deserve. Also, he got a LOT of publicity in this, brilliantly done.

    Apart from that, this whole thing is getting a bit boring. Time to stop milking the drama.

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  12. People, stay on target here. I could not care less about Foch losing CC, or even seeing his account banned. That would all have been fine. He overstepped his boundaries and went for the throat of a company that supported him. By rights, if they wanted to remove him from their community for that I would have been fine with it.

    But threatening an unlawful DMCA strike to censor negative content about their game, regardless of any other factors, is still an incredibly slimy, underhanded and just plain awful thing to do. As Jim Stirling said, this is a move often used by cash-grab indie developers who want to censor negative feedback of their game so they can squeeze a bit more money out of the heaping pile of garbage before people catch on.

    If you don’t know why it’s so slimy, let me break it down. Firstly, it is 100% illegitimate. WG have no rights to claim Foch is using their copyrighted content illegally, because commentaries and reviews of games are very clearly covered by Fair Use. Fair Use exempts them from copyright laws to ensure that negative criticisms cannot be censored at will by the company who made the product.

    Secondly, despite this fact, Youtube does not check to see if it’s legitimate first. They just apply the strike to the channel. This not only demonitises the video in question, but all videos he makes until it is sorted out. For someone who makes their living form this kinda thing, that’s very bad news.

    Thirdly, the only way to get rid of a DMCA strike is to submit a counter-claim against the copyright holder through Youtube. This is not streamlined at all, and the DMCA strike can last, even illegitimately, for weeks or month by just having the copyright holding (In this example WG) wait out the clock.

    So, to sum up, WG has threatened to take away the career (Or at least the Youtube portion of it) of a successful commentator for “Hate Speech and Homophobic Slurs” (Citation needed). But, if you look past their desperate attempts to rationalize their reaction, this is really the result of someone, somewhere completely overreacting to Foch’s criticisms over the Chrysler K.

    The only thing for WG to do, is apologize for the overreaction, clearly and concisely state that they will never abuse the DMCA takedown system, and maybe take another look at the Chrysler K. They don’t need to give Foch his CC back, nor do they have to support his commentaries in any way. But they cannot take illegal action against him just for calling them out on what is clearly an OP cash grab of a tank.


    1. They did already, both apologizing and stating that DMCA will never happen. Apparently people here won’t find them acceptable until Serb did a live dogeza in Youtube or sth like that.

      Which is why the context of the drama has never about actually trying to fix things, just some people ranting off their anger to WG for various things without any proper direction in it.

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  13. 1: Its their company, they didn’t hire him or pay him salary so they can “fire” him for whatever reason they feel like really.

    2: As for free speech that is an AMERICAN constitutional right, which doesn’t apply elsewhere. The cluster fuck of countries that is Europe, each with their own separate laws, probably somewhere has a legal loophole that even if he was an actual employee they could fire him regardless.

    3: Free speech does not cover profanity, hate speech, etc. It is not a free pass to say whatever you feel like.

    4: Who cares? Is this really a big deal? It’s even spread over to the NA server for whatever reason. NA players giving shit to WGNA even though they had nothing to do with it just shows people are looking for any excuse they can to give WG bullshit.

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  14. Giving my 2cents.

    First, if WG EU just booting out SirFoch from CC program because its supposedly profanity-laden content, the backlash won’t be this worse.

    Second, say WG is sincere that their problem is profanity; they COULD have just say “Hey we have no problem with your criticism but your profanity is too much so can you reupload it with profanity censored? Pretty Please?”

    For those who think this drama is overblown, please remember that youtube content creators taking DMCA takedown by developers very seriously, since it used too many times to silence legit critics before. And now they become too defensive like shown here, wrong way to do.


  15. Fun fact: Russia is very homophobic and have laws which criminalize “gay propaganda”. Yet WG *coughKGBcough* accuses SF of homophobic slurs? ROFL


  16. homophobic slurs, hate speech etc isn’t a business of wg when it is said on a third party site. it’s the business of that third party site as long as it doesn’t violate the local laws, and if it violates the laws it’s still not a business of wg but of the third party site and of the government to the laws of which that third party site’s owner comply. wg has no right to dictate people what those want to say outside of the forums/chats belonging to wg


    1. Any WoT video where Foch used homophobic slurs or hate speech is a viable target, because even if he’s talking about his neighbour, he’s still doing so in a World of Tanks video, hence WG’s chance to claim that his speech damages the company’s name and image.


  17. It seems like classic deflection to me. WG are just trying to drag the issue back to Foch and his language (which Foch himself has admitted was over the top in that video) rather than the real issue which is WGs implied threat to (possibly illegal) misuse the copyright protection system on YouTube.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Foch is blameless, WG were right to ask him to remove the video, they were right to remove him from the CC program but that doesn’t give them the right to abuse a system simply designed to protect copyright in order to get their own way. No company has that right.


  18. Ph3lan went out of his jurisdiction when he threatened Sirfoch with copy right strike. Wargaming has stated they will not follow that path. So Ph3lan made an error, and Wargaming put it right. So that part of the case should be closed.

    Sirfoch is salty as hell, and he went over the top with that video. Well deserved to be stricken from the CC list. Maybe they could have given him a warning and a temporary removal from the list to teach him a lesson. Maybe being humble for a while and treating the company he makes his money from with respect, and he will be back on the CC list again. I do like Sirfoch, but not at his saltiest.

    Regarding Circon he did the right thing, apologized, removed the video, and remains on the CC list. It is all about being respectful and to some extend humble.

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  19. Wargaming accuses someone for homophobic slurs?

    HAHAHAHA Oh wow…
    If someone here is homophobic, it’s wargaming himself.

    Wargaming banned my friend’s account without any warnings because, according to wargaming, his nick contained “gay propaganda”.
    His nick contained the word “faggot”. Yeah so clearly “gay propaganda”…

    Wargaming: F you!


      1. He was not a dick. He was using “fag” as part of his nick, because he actually IRL was gay.
        And that somehow WG saw as “gay propaganda”.
        They did not say anything that it was “inapropriate”. Only thing they said it was “gay propaganda”.
        Which makes WG to be the “homophobic” in this case for banning people for using words like “gay” or “fag”.


    1. TBH that’s what he gets for being a dipshits and having faggot in his nickname. Tell him to try not being a moron next. There is exactly 0% chance of that going well, was a shit idea from the get go.

      As for all the forum lawyers. WG gave permission to post videos, reviews, gameplay, etc on their behalf. I’m assuming with some stipulations implied regarding content somewhere. Once someone starts posting videos that don’t reflect their standards I imagine they’re entirely within their rights to withdraw permission and have the videos taken down.

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      1. He was using “fag” as part of his nick, because he actually IRL was gay.
        And that somehow WG saw as “gay propaganda”.
        They did not say anything that it was “inapropriate”. Only thing they said it was “gay propaganda”.
        Which makes WG to be the “homophobic” in this case for banning people for using words like “gay” or “fag”.


        1. So? If I were black it doesn’t give me the right to have the N word in my name, or any other ethnicity having derogatory terms in their name regardless of whether it’s if their own ethnicity. It’s still potentially offensive to others. It’s still a shittastic idea and should have known it was never going to go well.


          1. it’s more about the reasoning why they changed the name than about the very fact of its changing, they didn’t change it because it was inappropriate but because it was “gay propaganda”

            it’s like if they changed your “n word” name not because it’s inappropriate but because they don’t want people naming themselves after black persons in their game


  20. In the end, who exactly is SirFoch to any of you?

    He has no bearing on my WoT experience because I really don’t care either way.

    Why do you folks give a rat’s pickle about this crap?

    Nothing to see here but a pissing match between a mega company and a butthurt game streamer.

    And in the end… WG sells more of these tanks because now everyone thinks they can’t lose if they buy one…

    Really guys… lol at all of this. Move on.

    p.s. Did you hear the latest? GnR beat up Poison in an elevator!


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