11 New flags of – WoWS

11 new flags have been added to the game client in, 6 of them are decorational, 4 are the new special effect flags, and 1 unknown.

Flags New

As information comes to me, I will update the post for the flags that I know very little about at the time of posting.

This flag will commemorate D-Day, and must be relevant to an in-game event that I am un-aware of.

This will be the super-bundle flag for the HMS Hood once she goes on sale.

This flag will likely be related to a commemoration to the evacuation of Dunkerque. If there is any connection to the Movie “Dunkirk” I am presently un-aware.

NA EU Community:
NA EU Community
This flag must be a tie in to an upcoming and yet to be announced event that will likely take place on the forums, however I have yet to find any announcements or competitions in the NA forums regarding this.

This will be the special premium flag that will come with the most expensive bundles for the upcoming premium IJN Kaga.

Victory Day EU:
Victory Day EU
This flag will likely commemorate EU’s victory day, I feel like I have seen this flag being announced but I cannot find the news post, so it must be me going mentally insane.

Special Flags:
All these flags can be earned in the Hunt for Bismark Campaign, and I predict they will come back in future campaigns or some other special methods for earning them.
+50% Credits

Red Dragon:
Red Dragon
+100% XP
+100% Commander XP

+50% XP
+150% Commander XP
+250% Free XP

+777% Free XP


Dragon Boat:
Dragon Boat
I’ll be honest, I’ve got no idea wtf this flag is or what its for.