WoWS: Isoroku Captain Mission (ASIA-only)

Meet Isoroku! The feline commander hailing from the “High School Fleet” anime series is coming to World of Warships!

Don’t be deceived by his cuddly looks; this cat means business when it comes to naval warfare!

In commemoration of the “High School Fleet” OVA Blu-Ray edition hitting stores on 24 May, Isoroku will be recruitable as a Commander for a limited time!

Isoroku will be able to command any Japanese warships of your choice. Alongside unique looks, Isoroku will have a “unique” voice set…  selectable in the Settings menu.

In order to recruit this one-of-a-kind commander, you will need to complete the “Fetching the Cat” mission, available excusively to the Japanese Tier II battleship Mikasa.

[Special] Fetching the Cat

Event Start: 19/05/2017 14:00 UTC+8
Event End: 09/06/2017 14:00 UTC+8

Combat Mission

Fetching the Cat


  • Available for all Game Modes
  • Available for Tier II Japanese Battleship “Mikasa” only
  • Once per Account


  • Play 5 battles.

Combat Mission Rewards:

  • Japanese Commander “Isoroku” (+ 6 Skill Points)