WoWS: Isoroku Captain Mission (ASIA-only)

Meet Isoroku! The feline commander hailing from the “High School Fleet” anime series is coming to World of Warships!

Don’t be deceived by his cuddly looks; this cat means business when it comes to naval warfare!

In commemoration of the “High School Fleet” OVA Blu-Ray edition hitting stores on 24 May, Isoroku will be recruitable as a Commander for a limited time!

Isoroku will be able to command any Japanese warships of your choice. Alongside unique looks, Isoroku will have a “unique” voice set…  selectable in the Settings menu.

In order to recruit this one-of-a-kind commander, you will need to complete the “Fetching the Cat” mission, available excusively to the Japanese Tier II battleship Mikasa.

[Special] Fetching the Cat

Event Start: 19/05/2017 14:00 UTC+8
Event End: 09/06/2017 14:00 UTC+8

Combat Mission

Fetching the Cat


  • Available for all Game Modes
  • Available for Tier II Japanese Battleship “Mikasa” only
  • Once per Account


  • Play 5 battles.

Combat Mission Rewards:

  • Japanese Commander “Isoroku” (+ 6 Skill Points)

8 thoughts on “WoWS: Isoroku Captain Mission (ASIA-only)

    1. If you mistakenly sold Mikasa, you may fill report form, to let WG return that ship. One sold ship available to return within one year per account, and deduct credits you previously refunded.


    2. there’s a easy mission to get Mikasa(collect some raw exp).so if you did’t afk for a long time,surely there’s a MIkasa for everyplayer.


      1. I afked at least half a year. I’ve seen the event mission now….I guess I mess around with my Derpitz will do the job. Thx


  1. a pity this is only planned for ASIA, I own the Mikasa too and would welcome an event to bring her onto the high seas again (she is rusting in the harbor :) ), even if only for a very easy mission to get a funny feline Captain…
    So WG please consider your other servers too


  2. He’ll probably end up just as a last-minute freebie in the NA server at least; much like how Gunzou and Iona were both unavailable on the NA server until the last chance Arpeggio event, while other servers got either/both of them in earlier Arpeggio events. I forget how EU and RU handled Gunzou and Iona though compared to the NA and Asia servers.


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