Supertest: VK 168.02 (P) Variants (Complete Stats, Armor & Pictures)

According to the earlier post, the VK 168.02 (P), which is equipped with a 12.8 cm gun, was tested on WoT Supertest. The model is not complete yet, as you might notice.

Tests will show which variant will be implemented in the game.

In the summer of 1942, Porsche received an order for experimental and structural work in order to create a breakout tank with the highest possible armor and firepower. VK 168.02 (P) was the development of the paper project of Type 205 Mäuschen. The main change to the prototype was the placement of the turret in front of the hull. The project did not go beyond the technical sketch.


Tier: HT-8
HP: 1700
Engine: 780 hp
Mass: 168 t
Maximum load: 175 t
Power-to-weight: 4,64 hp / t
Max speed/min speed : 20 / -15 km / h
Hull turning speed: 18 °/s (with 15 cm gun – 13 °/s)
Turret turning speed: 20,9 °/s (with 15 cm gun – 15,6 °/s)
Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,863 / 1,918
View range: 400 m
Radio range: 740,4 m

Hull armor: 140 / 150 / 140 mm
Turret armor: 230 / 160 / 140 mm

Gun: 12,8 cm Kw.K. L/50 A

Alpha Damage: 490 / 490 / 630
Penetration: 208 / 250 / 65 mm
Rounds per minute: 3,515
Damage per minute: 1722,5
Reload time: 17,068 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,403
Aiming time: 2,4 s
Depression/Elevation: -8 / +25 degrees

Gun: 15 cm Kw.K. L/31

Alpha Damage: 750 / 750 / 950
Penetration: 202 / 250 / 85 mm
Rounds per minute: 2,607
Damage per minute: 1955,4
Reload time: 23,014 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,422
Aiming time: 3,07 s
Depression/Elevation: -8 / +25 degrees

* 6 crew members.

Size Comparison:

Armor Schematics:



More pictures:


40 thoughts on “Supertest: VK 168.02 (P) Variants (Complete Stats, Armor & Pictures)

  1. Power-to-weight: 4,64 hp / t
    Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,863 / 1,918

    Wow….a slug….T95 can race well with it…. ** muffled eurobeat, 0.1x speed **

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Who said that the LFP won’t bounce much? It’s got 140mm + angling so it will be around 180-200mm effective face on, if you angle the tank as well even Tier 8-9 tanks will have issues penning it without gold and Tier 6-7 tanks are hopeless.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hell, checking out the model from all sides a lot of Tier 6 tanks have 0 chance to pen it from the side or from the back as well if they don’t want to use prem ammo. (Maybe if they shoot the LFP in the back).

      I had enough of that shit in the closed beta and early release +4 tier MM when I had to face Mauses and IS-7s in my Tier VI VK 30.01H. Are we heading back to those times but instead of increasing MM spread WG is increasing armour and pen differences between tiers?

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Wargaming logic…go figure….stronk logic.

      What I would like to know if all the powercreep premiums are om Murazor’s doing or Pankov’s hands.

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  3. Even with the less than 5 power to weight ratio, it’s still worth it. I can already hear the unicum skill shells bouncing left and right as I slowly but inevitably roll right into the face of all of those damned little sonovabitches!…

    Can’t wait!


      1. That is the joke. I won’t go face to face with them.
        I’ll bash the heads in of the tanks that are smaller than me, in both tier and size!
        Sealclubbing, have you heard it?


  4. This tank should have max 320 alpha because it is a premium, even that it would be very good. Hell most older tier 8 had 320 alpha and they didnt even have that monster armor.

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  5. WoT: We’re Outta Tank ideas. There’s still tons of real tanks out there but we won’t model them because the profit is insignificant.


    1. At least T-34-3 has a chance™ to flank it, limited MM tier VIII heavies will have no chance against it, hell IS-6 can’t do shit against it even with prem rounds


    1. Do you realize its fucking 750 alpha on tier 8 super-heavy?

      Not to mention 23 sec is base reload; you can drop the reload down to 18-19 sec with everything on. Thats not bad when you factor that Defender and VK 100 has ~12 sec reload, and his thing has 50% more alpha than those

      it absolutely shouldnt have better reload.

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    2. 23secs is the base value (E100 have 20 secs as base value). With the crew, the rammer, etc… will be so and so the same had the VK72 before the buff, about 19-20 secs.


      1. I spoke out of ignorance, didn’t know that E 100 has such a reload on the 15cm. Also forgot that T30 has a similar reload as well (20,1 sec with a 100% crew and no equipment) so yeah, I complained for nothing.

        Keep in mind though that we have O-Ho as an exception, the howitzer has a base reload (with 100% crew) of 16,3 seconds, which goes down to 14,2 with rammer and vents. That’s quite fast for a 15cm gun.


          1. No, it’s much lower, but that’s not an issue because those are secondary ammo, HE is what you use the most on the howitzer on O-Ho, and it’s bloody effective.


            1. yeah but with HE u do about 300hp per shot… so u need a better reload… with these u actually do 750 per shot, the main ammo is not HE. ofc if u shoot HE at a light tank u can do about 900dmg, but it’s pretty rare… anyway the armor looks pretty silly..


              1. That you do less damage is true, but you also do critical hits – it’s like a small direct fire arty in the end. Also, it’s not impossible to land weird shots that pen and do massive damage, and all the waffles and any paper tank make for very juicy targets. :)


  6. Who the FCK actually is, and was, responsible for introducing all these, and recent past, ‘powercreeping-ish’ premium content?

    Murazor, Pankov or someone else entirely?

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I’m getting a bit fed up with all those premiums. They should rather focus on other aspects of the game that need attention. VK168.02 (P)owercreep, great stuff. What the fuck can you do against that shit if you are driving a Sherman Easy 8 or something…

    Liked by 1 person

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