WoWS: 3 New Ships (Pictures)

These all seem to be future premiums.

USS Enterprise (Tier 8 CV)

This renowned US Navy aircraft carrier served faithfully throughout World War II and survived, despite being claimed by the Japanese on no less than three occasions. Let’s see how well you can do in her!



HMS Gallant (tier VI DD):


This mid-1930s G-class ship had seen a lot – starting with neutrality patrols during the Spanish Civil War. She suffered light damage during the evacuation of Dunkirk and escorted numerous convoys in the Mediterranean. Does Operation Excess ring a bell?

Admiral Makarov (Tier VI Cruiser)

Does she look familiar? Yes, you have seen her elsewhere! The Admiral Makarov started her life as light cruiser Nürnberg of the Kriegsmarine and was ceded to USSR after the end of WWII.



19 thoughts on “WoWS: 3 New Ships (Pictures)

    1. You’ll have to wait a while, as I’m guessing we’ll be getting the CA branch before the premium BB.

      Which suits me well, because gibe Zara pls ;-;


      1. Doubtful considering Roma was already confirmed by WG to be coming in 2017 as a premium. Also, the line doesn’t have to be close for them to drop a premium BB, Dunk is a good example.


  1. The Makarov has the potential to be what Murmansk is to Omaha – a C-hull Nurnberg with better stats. Also Tier 6 and a cruiser, so she will be reasonably cheap. I’m happy. :D


      1. I don’t mind having premium versions of existing ships, hell i buy them, it’s just that the way they do it doesn’t make any sense to me.

        One way to solve this “problem” would be to be able to spend gold to upgrade your current ship to “legendary” status. Think of it like the existing hull upgrade system we have, with some additions like name change and camouflage.

        To me this method makes a lot more sense and it could also allow the players to chose which particular ships they want to upgrade to, unless of course it’s a two ship class like the Bismarck. It would be so amazing and elegant solution.


  2. from the squadron layout on enterprise we’re getting five planes but the pictures only show four planes. Still a work in progress but if it is 5 planes to a squadron looks like we’re getting 6 squadrons to control and multitask with her.


    1. Sorry for my poor English, it is not my first language much like most Americans online who still don’t know it even though they’re born in it and raised by it.


      1. Your’ a t0tal t00L; hiwowvur, yu iz soo gud wit ur wurds ov sarrkasum und ur kunchi iz graitiest ov wordlz!


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