Sandbox Servers are Open

The Sandbox Test Server recieved an update, and the new iteration was launched today between 14:00 and 15:00 GMT.

You can download the client here (if you do not have it yet and you were accepted already):


11 thoughts on “Sandbox Servers are Open

  1. Sandbox is a joke why do they even test 30×30 games, are not games erratic enough? Why dont they test gold ammo nerf instead and tank balance, which is more impoprtant than these useless ranked battles and 30×30 tier 10 BS? WG must go back the its basics, back to balance and skill gameplay not just hoover-gameplay with gold spam and unbalanced fantasy BS tanks. Who the fuck is even running WG balance department these days, saddam hussein? LUL, polish WG pricks.


    1. WG is from Belarus and Russia. Get your facts right.

      And if all you do is cry about everything WG does, then I would like you to do it somewhere else.

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    2. while i do agree with you that they should rebalance ammo ASAP i also think that a new cool mode such as this new 30vs30 tank battle is a great idea.

      Game is poorly balanced, you can abuse maps (boosting), RNG is insane and the whole gold spam situation is slowly killing this game… but still why shouldn’t they test bigger maps and new modes ?


  2. >WG works on something other than maps or new game modes, “retard WG map new maps already!”
    >WG works on new maps, “WG wtf why are you working on maps do something else!”

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