Edelweiss & Nameless HD Renders

Unfortunately, there are no bigger resolution versions available yet. I looked everywhere. And I listened to the feedback you gave me: this time, I merged these into a single article.




19 thoughts on “Edelweiss & Nameless HD Renders

  1. Model wise, they do look really gorgeous!
    Which a thing that’s been improving very well over the last two years.

    Couldn’t these be used in some special Fun game mode perhaps?
    Wouldn’t do the modelers justice, who put their energy into it, enough justice though…but may these would gain a bigger support to be added like such that way. Dunno just a thought.

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    1. they are tanks from the game “Valkyria cronicles”, its somewhat a colaboration between WG asia and the developers of VC, currently planed only to be sold on SEA server, as the game isnt that popular in the west, only 1 of the 3 games i localised for outside of japan

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      1. Both VC1 (Edelweiss) and VC2 were released in the west. VC3 (Nameless) is the one that didn’t leave Japan (unofficial translation patch exists though).

        VC1 actually got somewhat acknowledged over the time, espcially with PC and PS4 re-releases, but early PS3 sales in the west were crap – it was a holiday release and Sega didn’t bother with any sort of maketing, so go figure.


  2. They do look nice.
    It’s a shame the devs put so much effort on things that will be used by so few players.

    First the chinese TD line, then these tanks.
    Not that I would want them on our servers, hell no, but if they’re gonna spend time and money for these they might as well use them a bit more.

    While the chinese TDs are an abomination and dont deserve to exist, these things could be used in a fun mode this summer. But I hope they will never make it on our live servers for normal gamelay, this is a game about tanks made (or imagined) between WW1 and end of cold war, we dont want anime shit in the game ; if even some tank concepts or ideas made by real people – even if never actualy built – can be considered fake and have everyone hate them, I don’t understand that anyone may want these tanks in the game.

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  3. I’d wish they didn’t buff them so much in order to sell them for tier 8 prices. Especially the Nameless tank has pretty ridiculous armor values for it’s supposed weight.


  4. I don’t know why people would complain that these don’t fit in the setting of world of tanks when we already have plenty of fantasy tanks.

    If they (inevitably) end up being overpowered/priced then I will complain.


  5. well i hope they come to NA i would throw them a couple green ones for the edelweiss i loved the VC game series and i would love to own it in WOT.


  6. Valkyria Chronicles is a great game and actually VC1 managed to garner some good attention (ps4 and steam release), and the models look fantastic. 10/10 would buy these two. might breath some life into WoT PC, who manages to be the only one that doesnt do fun things like console or blitz do


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