Supertest: WZ-111-1G FT

Tier 8 Chinese TD. Only for the Chinese server.

Tier: TD-8
HP: 1100
Engine: 600 hp
Mass: 44,5 t
Maximum load: 48 t
Power-to-weight: 13,48 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 47 / -18 km / h
Hull turning speed: 21 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,055 / 1,342 / 2,205
View range: 360 m
Radio range: 750 m

Hull armor: 180 / 120 / ? mm

Gun: 130 mm 59-130JG FT

Alpha Damage: 560 / 560 / 660
Penetration: 271 / 340 / 65 mm
Rounds per minute: 4,469
Damage per minute: 2502,9
Reload time: 13,425 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,345
Aiming time: 2,4 s
Depression: -6

Gun: 122 mm 60-122TG FT

Alpha Damage: 440 / 440 / 530
Penetration: 248 / 310 / 61 mm

Gun: 122 mm D-25TG FT

Alpha Damage: 390 / 390 / 530
Penetration: 192 / 250 / 61 mm

Armor schematics:



More pictures:

34 thoughts on “Supertest: WZ-111-1G FT

  1. Holy crap…that in my opinion is beyond tier 8! With more HP it could very well be good a tier 9 TD.

    Wargaming at it’s finest: convinced to the bone that if they do not release content better than in the game already, no one will want to grind it/free xp it/or convert xp for it.
    Thus we see new tech trees and premium vehicles starting (since 2015) outdoing each other to the previous released content. Which is called power creep.


    1. Yeah no, can you please stop with the fear mongering. HP wise its lower than the Jpanther 2 and considerably lower than the Ferdinand. The Ferdinand has 1500 hp, this has 1100 HP. If you want to talk about mobility its as mobile as an ISU-152, but with more armour. So Overall its actually a pretty damn Balance tier 8 TD. Think of it as an ISU-152, but with more armour, but a lower Alpha Gun.


      1. I’d rather be your so called “fear mongering” critic and voice my opinion. Than being an “ostrich” and agreeing with everything being served.

        Back to the content. Going to quote myself: “With more HP it could very well be a good tier 9 TD”.
        The way I see it, same goes for the ISU and imo other high alpha at tier 8. The current display if stats make it more of a tier 8.5. Goes for the armor profile as well.

        In that respect, my opinion is that this game does not need more and more high alpha/pen content being added at tier 8.
        You may disagree with me and well that’s fine.


        1. The thing is, if everyone says new tanks are OP from the start(Which has become the norm for many new tanks) without actually properly evaluating it to its peers, it heavily devalues the opinion that the tank is actually OP. Partly this is also why wargaming can’t trust the community because they scream OP too fast.

          I respect your opinion on why you don’t like this vehicle at tier 8, but the fact of the matter it is within acceptable stats for a balanced tier 8 TD. To say you don’t like TDs in general of this type is fine, but to say they will unbalance the game or is too powerfuil (8.5 tier) is false.

          We have actual stats from wot-news that shows Tanks like the ISU-152, tanks which have big alpha but lacking a turret and are generally slow to be balanced . According to stats they can also be underperforming compared to others. For example the ISU-152 underperforms as it has among the lowest win/rates in wot-news, this tank would not likely underperform but be more of a Russian Ferdinand.


          1. My apologies to drag on about this, but I feel the need to clarify and defend a few of my bits and bobs.

            I do not “dislike” this vehicle, it is a downright gorgeous 3d model!
            Nor do I dislike TD’s. Although, personally I am no longer fond of the TD meta, since the game evolved in a direction made by the internal decisions being over the past 3 years.

            In terms of new content: I dislike the direction Wargaming this taking this game in.
            That being said, I do see things are improving slowly in some area’s. But a lot of development could have used much more K.I.S.S (keeping it simple & stupid) and better project investments.

            Also, by no means did I mention it being OP.
            It is imo is “power creeping” (or closely bordering) within it’s tier and type and within tier 8 as a whole. And so did more recent content additions as well.
            Question is, is this a good development? Imo, no it’s a very slippery slope.

            You said: “the community screams which is why WG doesn’t trust said community”.
            This is a causal case that has been build up over the past few years. Where good arguments, idea’s how to better things, balance solutions and feedback from a large part of the EU/NA/SEA forum communities has been largely disregarded.
            There is so much unused VERY useful feedback, sometimes down right ingenious solutions being shared by members of this community. I can name a dozen EU forum’ers Taij7 being one.

            So, I do NOT want to defend the WHINErs & screamers!
            Though it is sometimes hard to see the woods through all those trees 😉

            But for all the rest of us who wrote up good replies, came with insights and good arguments in feedback threads and see them go up in poof. While years pass and still issues linger on and on, some dating back to the beta era. Mostly balance related btw.

            Some of us have lost patience of being not heard (esp outside of the RU) and thus have (much) harsher feedback when we see things being out of wack (harsh feedback is not necessarily whining/screaming).

            So I hope you didn’t read my 1st post as such, esp compared to the average ‘screaming’ going on here and on the forums 😉

            That’s all 🙂


    1. More of these things are probably real than people realize. The tier 9 “premium” thing with the boxy shale is an actual legitimate design


  2. KZ chief designer sees 268 superstructure
    “Guys I found a good design to stick on our stronk 11111111111111111111111111 chassis ))))))”
    “Let’s gib high pen stick and make it tier 8 ))))))”

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    1. Historical description for the WZ-111 IG FT

      “China sekretly obtained sine sekret dokuments of Ob’yekt 268 from sekret spy rings. Using these plans, they designed the WZ-111 IG FT. All sekret dokuments on the WZ-111 IG FT and the Ob’yekt 268 were detroyed in Chinese nuclear testing”

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  3. I would really like the tier 10 to be that 113G FT from a long time ago… That tank is so ugly that it’s beautiful!


  4. Yeah, and some of you keep saying this is not broken as hell.

    Its like JP2 with less depression and probably bit worse casemate but much stronger hull and effectively JT’s gun. And probably better camo too because it seems lower. And JP2 is pretty damn strong, too.

    I predicted the reason why this line will be CN server exclusive. If they keep them CN server exclusive, Kongzhong can freely make them as OP as hell as possible.

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        1. ^^

          Jap heavy line would be possible to be completed with historical tanks, with few premiums to spare (chi-ha with long 120 mm naval gun anyone?).

          I guess only reason why Jap heavies got introduced first was because it was more requested line.

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  5. Wargaming WILL release the chinese TDs for EU, RU and NA at some point, definately a bit or a lot nerfed in order to “balance” them. This is sure (look back at 59-Patton and 121B, even if you want at T-44-100 that was “only” for RU servers…). It is just a matter of time – might be in 9.20, 9.21 or even 9.30 (as it is obviously not in 9.19), but WG will put them in the game, as the player base always needs new free content a.k.a. tech tree branches.


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