Renault UE 57 HD Renders (9.19)


8 thoughts on “Renault UE 57 HD Renders (9.19)

      1. I dont wanna copy paste other Wot blog, but there looks better. That I wanted to say, you can check your self man :) everybody would agree. Now for example I wanna check older article comments, but I have to scroll this spam with HD pictures to get in to the older article.


        1. I did it like this since day 1. I will combine some lowtiers in the future in one article if that is what you’d like… I do it like this cause it has the biggest resolution.


        2. I’ll rather want him to do this one by one, so I can scroll past the one image on the front, and look at the others in the article if I want, vs having 30+ images in one post, that I have to wait to see until my browser “reboots” due to high data load.


  1. Can you take a fighting comparment pic? I mean inside the rear of the tank? I want to build it in scale and your renderings are the best thing i have found yet!


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