WoT Development : Ranked battles


18 thoughts on “WoT Development : Ranked battles

      1. lol. OK. should’ve watched the video first. But there is a guy with a similar name in my clan, who works at WG.


  1. looks like WG plan to sell lots of credit bundles,
    to help support people that cant break even in tier 10 tanks , sustained use of tier 10’s in ranked will see credits dwindle fast , specially as people will be spamming gold to win lol
    they should make the requirement tier 8 ( but non premium tank ) BUT have a tier 10 of that nation in your garage.
    As it stands it looks like a money grab from WG


  2. There was 3 ways the WoT Community can go now.

    1. Play this mode normal
    2. Rigging this Mod in night to get so many guys in rank 5 they can
    3. Many Games will and in a draw because all camp on redline to get on the top3 if they team lose.

    This mode will get crashed before they release it.

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    1. Yeah, the whole thing looks like Rampage 2.0.

      Which is a damn shame, since something like this has been requested for a long time now.

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    2. On servers such as ASIA, the gamemode will most likely be dead almost immediately, so rigging it will be the only way to get high ranks (although I suspect it’s going to be time-limited just like Advances are, so rigging won’t be easy, if possible at all).


  3. Ah, I feel like I should bring only tanks with low armor into ranked battles because I feel 90% of poeple will only fire premium rounds.

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  4. It’s no fun to compare ranks. I also don’t like the fact that they are making me play this mode in order to get better equipment, I don’t like that it is a tier 10 event only as I lose too much money due to the fact I play without premium. In my opinion this ranked battles are going to be something like the change from cs 1.6 to cs:go the game is the same but you can buy skins and brag about your rank, something which i personally don’t like introduced in WoT. I don’t want to play those battles mostly for those reasons, I really don’t want WoT to become CS:GO.


  5. To be honest this actually looks interesting. I just think that we should either be able to earn small amounts of gold with this mode, or that the bonds should be able to be used for some gold specific features aswell, such as permanent camo, crew role retraining and premium tanks :)


      1. Yeah, but how big is the chance? If it’s like 10%, and you only get 5 crates (5 ranks) per season, it’s not for much use :(

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  6. Over thought over complicated over fussy

    typical WG
    all we wanted was Ranked battles where we can play with equal skill players, that was it
    not a mini-clan-wars-seasons-restart where its all zero again,

    jeez man why make its so ‘epic’ and ‘another game’ with new prizes everywhere

    Ranked battles – as the name says
    also why not Tier 8 ranked Battles? so as all those that buy WG never ending T8 premium Tanks have somewhere special just to make ‘Premium T8 worthwhile?

    bloody hell WG, its like re-inventing the wheel every time WG announce something new
    (suppose it gives the 4000 WG employees something to do ~


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