WoWS: [0.6.5 PT] Datamined changes

From jacquesbsj

Since the PT got updated today, I already did my job and got the info for you guys!

Also, just the usual disclaimer: Everything is subject to change, also, some info are not very clear/easy to understand so mistakes can be made.

New ships added:

  • USS Kidd (T8 american premium destroyer)
  • De Grasse (T6 french premium cruiser)


  • Henri IV AA changes (probably that one previous announced)
  • Emile Bertin speed from 35 to 39 kts, also that weird rudder drag/power changes (previously announced too)
  • Hood changes: -15% rudder time, increased heal, 1km extra range, new ricochet angles and lower AP detonator (0.015), the main permoflage got changed or renamed, also it has 4!

Kaga and Hood price set at 9800 doubloons.

Bismarck got two new permoflages, one called veteran and another one called clean, they only have +50% EXP and the usual bonus, nothing else!

Some modules and the permoflage for the Haifuri version of the Graf Spee is added to the client, the ova will be released on 24/05/2017 (japan), oh, this permoflage has -5% repair costs and +100% free XP with the default +50% XP, and almost forgot, Mina-chan is added as captain too <3