WoWS: Updated Hood stats

– Rudder shift time -15%
– Main guns range +1km
– Repair Party repairs 60% of damage received from penetrations (excluding citadel hits), but the total amount of HP repaired will remain the same
-AP shell ricochet angles are now 60°/67.5°
-AP shell detonation time is now 0.015 seconds
-Defensive AA fire consumable mechanics changed:
DP and medium-caliber AA guns no longer benefits from damage multipliers, and will not scatter enemy planes; but the 178mm UP rockets now get x25 times DPS output when Def.AA is active, the consumable lasts 60 seconds.


16 thoughts on “WoWS: Updated Hood stats

  1. In short, Hood can catch you angled and still citpen you.
    Hood will have a hard as fuck time to overpen anything larger than a DD.

    Silly buffs to make whiner happy and to insure a new p2w premium BB
    Bad move WG.


    1. I wanted to like the Hood, I would have in her previous state though it wouldn’t have been healthy, this however would make me feel guilty about playing her.


    2. The shells will still have to hit sufficient thickness to fuse in the first place. Detonation time is only half of the story.

      Assuming fuse threshold is unchanged, they will still overpen destroyers and the lighter cruiser plates unless they overmatch an extreme angle or hit a bulkhead.


      1. The threshold is 55 or 56mm, while the German 305mm is 51mm, and while other 380mm and up AP has 61mm
        So it’s really not that much different.

        You’re going to get a lot of regular pens on DDs, especially with the floaty arc, making the shells come down at an angle.

        Combine the horizontal and vertical angling, and that 13-16mm of armor quickly becomes the required thickness equivalent for the fuze to activate, and with that shell velocity and fuze time…yeah…

        So no, I maintain what I said.


    1. How about guns that could overmatch 25mm of plating, higher penetration, high damage, and 51mm of deck armor ?
      Those were some good reasons.


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