WoWS: TAP Insider News (25-IV-2017)

New signal flags:

-Pterosaur, +50% credit income.
-Red Dragon, +100% XP & +100% Captain XP.
-Ouroboros, +777% free XP.
-Hydra,  +50% XP, +150% Captain XP, +250% free XP.
Balance changes:
-Émile Bertin, max speed increased from 35 kts to 39 kts, rudder steering output +56%, rudder drag  -28%.
-Henri IV, 57mm/60 ACAD AA gun DPS increased to 204 from 90, range increased to 4.5km from 3.5km.
-Yamato, asymmetrically placed aircraft catapults are now fixed and placed symmetrically.