WoWS – French cruisers


8 thoughts on “WoWS – French cruisers

  1. Wonder what will come next. Going by the most recently added branch which was British CLs IIRC (DD splits don’t count), we probably won’t see a new branch for another six months. By then it will be autumn already. Gosh, Lesta are really slow when it comes to new content.


    1. My guess is that the next new ships will be RN BBs, some time during the summer.

      Also, what are you one about RN CLs being the last branch added?
      Russian DD subbranch was in March
      German DD were in January
      IJN DD subbranch was in December
      RN CLs was in October

      We’re getting content patches every 6-8 weeks.
      That’s pretty damn quick.

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      1. Totally forgot about German DDs. Thanks for reminding me. That line is really forgettable (no offence to KM players). About the only notable ships to me are the Z-23 and V-25, the latter only because of the recent discovery of two wrecks in England.


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