Third 9.18 PT Iteration Patchnotes

Thanks to Vlad (wowanator) for translating!

– Fixed a problem with the reticle freezing after switching between standard mode and “Battle Assistant” mode often;
– Fixed a problem with crashing when switching to fullscreen mode on a 4K monitor;
– Fixed display of minimap when aiming in “Battle Assistant” mode;
– Fixed position of guns on the PzKpfw I;
– Solved problem with freezing camera on the center of the map while switching to an enemy in spectator mode;

Changes to tech trees:
– Added possibility to research T54E1 from M41 Bulldog;

– Added possibility to research Leopard PT A from HWK 12;

– Changed structure of research trees leading to T-62A and Object 430;

Changes to parameters:
– Ammo capacity of 105mm L7A3C changed from 32 to 36;

T-100 LT:
– Ammo capacity of 100mm T-100 changed from 33 to 38;

M551 Sheridan:
– Ammo capacity of 105mm Lightweight Gun changed from 32 to 37;
– Ammo capacity of 152mm Gun-Launcher XM81 changed from 25 to 28;

AMX 13 90:
– Ammo capacity of 90mm F3M changed from 36 to 40;

AMX 13 105:
– Ammo capacity of 105mm D.1504 changed from 24 to 30;