Third 9.18 PT Iteration Patchnotes

Thanks to Vlad (wowanator) for translating!

– Fixed a problem with the reticle freezing after switching between standard mode and “Battle Assistant” mode often;
– Fixed a problem with crashing when switching to fullscreen mode on a 4K monitor;
– Fixed display of minimap when aiming in “Battle Assistant” mode;
– Fixed position of guns on the PzKpfw I;
– Solved problem with freezing camera on the center of the map while switching to an enemy in spectator mode;

Changes to tech trees:
– Added possibility to research T54E1 from M41 Bulldog;

– Added possibility to research Leopard PT A from HWK 12;

– Changed structure of research trees leading to T-62A and Object 430;

Changes to parameters:
– Ammo capacity of 105mm L7A3C changed from 32 to 36;

T-100 LT:
– Ammo capacity of 100mm T-100 changed from 33 to 38;

M551 Sheridan:
– Ammo capacity of 105mm Lightweight Gun changed from 32 to 37;
– Ammo capacity of 152mm Gun-Launcher XM81 changed from 25 to 28;

AMX 13 90:
– Ammo capacity of 90mm F3M changed from 36 to 40;

AMX 13 105:
– Ammo capacity of 105mm D.1504 changed from 24 to 30;


33 thoughts on “Third 9.18 PT Iteration Patchnotes

  1. – Changed structure of research trees leading to T-62A and Object 430;

    Could you please post how will the new structure look like? I am currently on T-54 and want to know if I will be able to research T-62A after patch or I have to do it fast. It would make a lot of people like me angry if this change prevented researching tank they were aiming for and they announced it just week before patch.


    1. They probably mean for LTs : LTTB will now lead to T-54 as T54lw used to I guess, and maybe also Object 430 II too.


  2. And they still not giving the view range back? Go F urself WG….why don’t u understand MT and HT have better scout capabilities than LTs….and when some MT put optics on they outspot the LT….


  3. ah for fuick sake war gaming you fixed the ammo capacitys but that does not fix your entire fuck up. either you can put the guns back to what they were before and give people the choice to go pure gun light tank or all rounder or pure spotter or you will continue to have pissed off people leave the view range the way it is now if you want that gives the opportunities for different builds for the tanks which could be interesting but at least fix their fucking guns because they are worthless right now.

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  4. WG WTF are you drunk??? The LTs was fine in public test 1, just revert it back to how it was before. FFS they’re useless now and you give them more ammo? So we can ding/miss more shells or what? Sometimes I have no idea how you think WG >:(


  5. Rubicon 2.0

    I fucking called it when they announced the patch.

    Things were looking so nice, but WG managed to screw up everything in almost the last second and they don’t want to listen to the playerbase.

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  6. This patch is now the worst that Wartgaming have introduced. Not only have they made the Tier X light tanks utterly useless and pointless, they have effectively done the same to the existing light tanks. Rubicon was a Sunday school picnic compared to this abomination. No it’s not a typo – from now on it’s WART-gaming

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      1. But that’s the french specialty though. They are very well known for being able to clip equal tier tanks. However it comes at the price of low ammo and high reload times. The amx 50b on the other hand is prefect the way it is. Only 1600 dmg in one clip. Same clip dmg as the t57 heavy.


  7. Hey WG, here are some recommendations:

    -The T71 has better reload time with the same clip that does the same damage than the Bulldog and it’s tier 7 (19s vs. 34s), so the Bulldog needs less reload time or keep the autoloader as it was before.

    -The Bat.-Châtillon 12 t needs at least 1 more shell in the magazine.

    -The T-100 LT needs +10 meters view range and less dispersion from .46 to .42 or .43

    -The AMX 13 90 needs +10 meters view range.

    -All tier 6 LT must have 370m view range.

    -All tier 7 LT must have 380m view range.

    -All tier 8 LT must have the same view range or more than the tier 7’s.

    -All tier 9 LT need 390 or more view range.


    And one more thing, bring back the derp to the VK 28.01.

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    1. I think you are still missing the point, lights should have BEST viewrange in game. That’s why all light tank missions are about spotting. Meanwhile they are equal or worse than medium tanks from same nation.

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  8. Have u guys played the lights in the TS? Or is it a diferent test server than mine? Today installed the update and went for a run in T100, first game i did 8700 spot + 4600 Dmg + 11 tanks spoted + 4 kills…. I did this in phokorovka (or whatever), with no premium rounds or consumables, while doing active spot in the middle ridge, just shooting the tanks that where there, on the move…. And then pushing on line 2…. The other scouts are okayish T100 is still too OP…. M41 has awsome gun handling, and even with 6 shots it deald around 900 dmg per clip, its good still, just not OP anymore… Im a scout player, my favourite class in the game, now the scouts are balanced more view range would just break the maps… Imagine lakeville with a scout with 420m view range + bicos+bia+recon+sit awareness… No one would cross to city because they would just be raped crossing, making the valley a fuckfest for artys…. I agree tough that meds should have the view range reduces a bit so that that scouts have a purpose and an area of expertise… But the light tanks guns are good the way they are…

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    1. If you don’t hug the hill line when you’re crossing the city then you’re doing it wrong. Doing that won’t get you spotted in early game (or the snipers won’t be able to reach that far yet unless your team is completely retarded and don’t actually counter vision anything)

      My compromise is 400 vision minimum for tier X. Below it is just madness and you should just use batchat or 430 to scout.

      They also still have not fixed other shits like bulldog with it’s epic 1200 DPM.


    2. 390 at tier X is pathetic… how come i have more view range in my FCM 50t than tier X scouts, this is hilarious.. and you say crossing would be a rape with 420m view range… then if 420m view range is so OP, the why doesn’t everybody go for M48 Patton? that tank has 420m view range… but it also has a nice rate of fire, and good pen, and accuracy better than LTs, it also has armor that works, and what else? oh it’s a little bit slower.. does that seem fair? not to me but whatever


    3. You CAN’T look how it performs at test server and balance them according to that, because test server is filled with yoloing tier 2 bobs, paper tanks, 5 light tanks on each side and 3 arta… No wonder it’s easy to farm damage, you don’t need penetration nor accuracy. This is not how tier 10 battles look like on live server though…


  9. WG you still haven’t fixed the main problem with this patch, that is the ridicolous reduction on Light tanks view range on the top tiers, ok having decent ammo capacity is nice, but if your gun sucks and your view range sucks what are you supposed to do in a game? cant fight and cant spot=waste of a slot in your team! also, consider now arty doesn’t support you as much with your even reduced view range, so spotting isn’t going to be as efficient anyway… even if u spot for 5 minutes straight, u wont get much out of it, and meds can still do better at scouting while destroying enemy tanks with their guns… dont u get it that these LTs suck too much? it’s not the ammo capacity that does make the difference

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  10. Just a question @everybody:

    How likely do you feel it is that WG will leave the light line leading to medium line at tier 8 link?

    The thing is that I am on T-54 ltwt, and about 70k from T-54. I was about to put in the extra effort and finish that grind in the next ~2 weeks, however if this change sticks I have just about 0 reason to do that.
    While at the same time, due to RL stuff putting pressure, I would GREATLY preffer to take it easy with that grind.

    So, how likely you think it is for that change to “stick”?
    50%? 90%?


  11. WG needs to wake up collectively unfuck themselves!!! Scrap that bullshit nerf and make the lights viable again not complete and utter shit were getting now


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