Lorraine 40t Model Easter Egg

Thanks to CounterMAN for sending this to us by e-mail (Off: I was busy with translating some parts of a romanian book for SovietTenkDestroyer, coupled with a lack of any major important news).

I’m sure you guys already know the Lorraine 40t was sold on the WG premium shop. And after a few days watching that tank roll out on the field, I realized there is a familiar hat on the back of the Lorraine 40t turret (as a Vietnamese). Check the Lorraine 40t visual model on tanks.gg, I can confirm that the hat is the stereotypical Asian conical hat/leaf hat (VNese: Nón lá), quite a nice allusion to the French colonial history in Indochina (and Vietnam). More info on the hat can be found by clicking this wikipedia link : Asian Conical Hat

The tanks.gg visual model can be accessed here: LINK



15 thoughts on “Lorraine 40t Model Easter Egg

  1. CounterMAN, not -Counterman-, lol whatever Counterman you and your VN cheating shitters are a stain on the face of the Asian server


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