WoWS Q&A – 5th April 2017

Source: Babykim, EU.

Some details from the weekly stream by JamesWhite on 3 April 2017:

1). The USS Massachusetts, a battleship of the South-Dakota class, will be added to the game eventually.

2). Russian cluster may get an exclusive ship, the Admiral Makarov. She was previously known as the German light cruiser Nürnberg, which was awarded to the Russians after the WWII as a war-prize. The Nürnberg is, of course, already in the game. The cruiser will not be available for money. Probably an award for some event.

3). The developers are satisfied with the variety of premium ships currently available in the shop, but hint that some of the ships currently sold may disappear from the shop in the future.

4). Team battles are not coming back anytime soon, and definitely not in their previous format.

5). The Italian voice is still an open question because too few ships (Duca d’Aosta).

6). The new large campaign should be announced this week! The campaign will be held simultaneously on all servers.

7). The developers are still in search of a special feature for the French cruisers. Currently it is the Speed Boost.

Some news from Sub_Octavian:

-No WG staff in St. Petersburg were harmed in the terrorist attack.

-Khabarovsk maneuverability is the main candidate for nerf (they want to keep her good at long range, but weaken it in close-range engagements).
Main japanese DD line comfort shall be increased.
Also, for my opinion, Khabarovsk nerf was obvious even before she was buffed.