WoT: TAP Insider News (5-IV-2017)

Lorraine 40t will appear very soon in the EU premium shop. Probably this week (maybe 6/7.04.17)


9 thoughts on “WoT: TAP Insider News (5-IV-2017)

  1. It was the best thing ever when they binned that tank out of the tech tree!
    Who on earth would want this thing back?
    On the other side, as tier 8 premium, maybe it will not be that horrible…

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  2. it wasn’t all bad. I actually liked it and kept it. put perma camo on it etc. Play it like the 50 100/120 and it was perfectly fine.


    1. Well, if Foch isn’t salty about that tank, it should be good. It isn’t OP, because noobs will suck in it (unlike the Defender) and it isn’t bad either. The only thing that irritates me, is that it is better then his techtree counterpart. It shouldn’t be like that.

      I told myself to not buy any premium anymore, as I have plenty, but this one offers a unique playstyle and will not be ruining the balance of this game, unlike the Defender. I think I’m buying it.


  3. I can’t decide if I will get it. It seems good, but on the other side, I suck so hard in my Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 that I tell myself I should avoid the Lorraine like plague.


    1. But the A.2 is slow as fuck and damage per shell is low, so you might do better in this.
      Really wish WG would let us rent prems for a couple of days so we know whether or not to buy them…but then, people wouldn’t buy the crap ones, lol!


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