New tanks and some stat changes spotted in 9.18 test client

Source: Tiresieas

One of which is the new Grand Finals tank, the one that finally breaks the tradition of light tanks.

Chrysler K GF: Screenshot | appearance in vehicles_level_08.pkg – to note, I believe this is the first “variant” tank that completely replaces the “original” tank. Whereas there is still an unpainted Skorpion, M41 90, and AMX 13 57 in the game files, there is no more regular Chrysler K; at least, in this iteration of the game.

M4A3E8 “Thunderbolt VII” (yes, it is still a tier 6 medium): Screenshot | appearance in vehicles_level_06.pkg – also to note, when this tank was “announced”, it had unique paint on it. This version does not.

Lorraine 40t premium sees a slight reload nerf: 34.52s/2.5s/4 shells in 9.17.1 vs 35.24s/2.5s/4 shells in 9.18. Not a big difference, but figured it was better to keep people informed about changes.

Strv 81 (Swedish Centurion) sees a sizable engine power buff: (With elite Centurion 1 for scale) 650 hp (hp/t of 12.79 without equipment) in 9.17.1 vs 900 hp (17.72 hp/t w/out equipment) in 9.18.. This is a big buff and make the 81 a significantly better tank than the Cent 1 (without seeing any changes to the soft stats, if any), but would only really appeal to Centurion enthusiasts.