WoWS: TAP Insider News (30-III-2017)

-Kaga got her torps really fast (48 knots), her alt dropping bombs is extremely small, like you can hit almost 6 bombs on the Minekaze.

-Replaced Premium Ports for new ones.

-Added some texts for the clan interface.

-The French line testing is going way better than with the horrible RN floating citadel boxes.

Kaga’s planes die extremely fast, so when attacking, you need to think carefully before targeting someone even if their AA is horrible, and you must accept that you will lose lots of planes. This Premium ship requires more micromanagement skill than Saipan, don’t buy it if you haven’t played Taiho or Hakuryu before.

-Cat Isoroku was added as a ship commander (ASIA only, it will NOT come for NA or EU – this probably means the Haifuri collab will be ASIA-only too). Players can assign it to any Japanese ship (except ARP ones) without penalties. It is from the Haifuri anime and it cannot be dismissed. This captain has its own voiceover.