Strongholds’ War Games Testing Coming Soon

On March 31, the new Strongholds format “War Games” starts public testing.

War Games consist of four disciplines, each with their own ranking depending on the number of points Clans earn in Skirmishes and Advances. Clans with winning places get rewards, such as level XI and XII Reserves, Gold, and Credits.

War Games will be available several times during the testing period. The War Games schedule, conditions and rewards may change after testing finishes.


War Games include four disciplines:

  • Vanquish: Points earned for the difference between the teams’ scores. The bigger the difference, the more points received
  • Rush: Points earned for quick victories. The faster a detachment wins a battle, the more points their Clan gets
  • Demolition: Points earned for destroying enemy vehicles. Clans receive points for each enemy vehicle destroyed
  • Assembly: Points earned for the number of victorious legionnaires in a detachment. Clans receive points for each legionnaire in the detachment

Every battle in Strongholds gives Clans points in all four disciplines simultaneously.

The number of points received depends on the battle format and mode. Point values will be higher in Advances than in level VI-VIII Skirmishes.

Disciplines are not interdependent. If a Clan earns winning places in different disciplines, they get rewards for all of them.


During the test, War Games are available several times per day, depending on Clan activity in battles. When War Games end, winners receive their rewards.


All War Games have their own prize fund that depends on Clans’ activity within 24 hours.

Clans can get level XI and XII Reserves, Gold, and Credit rewards. The prize fund and the number of winning places can be found in the Strongholds interface.

Winning Clans receive Reserves in their Storage. Gold and Credits are distributed to winning members who participated in battles, depending on their how well they performed. Legionnaires who joined winning Clan detachments also get rewards.

When War Games tests are over, changes will be made. A new test will then begin soon after, and this cycle will continue regularly. Times for the next tests will be announced once finalized.

Source: Portal