T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 15

Last mission of the marathon for today and it’s quite easy: play 3 battles in which you are top XP of your team (not even a win is required). Doesn’t need to be consecutive. Tier IV-X.

This mission concludes the marathon; from here on in it’s take it or buy it (or leave it if you don’t want it).

Reward: 50% extra credits personal reserve for 2 hours.

Complete overview of all missions:

  1. Easy: Win 5 battles, be in top 10 XP
  2. Easy: Kill 10 tanks
  3. Easy: Cause 15,000 damage
  4. Easy: Gather 20,000 XP
  5. Medium: Win 10 battles, be in top 10 damage
  6. Medium Hard: Play 10 battles, cause at least 2,000 damage
  7. Hard: Play 20 battles, be in top 5 damage
  8. Hard: Win 10 battles, be in top 3  XP
  9. Easy: Play a battle where you are top damage
  10. Hard: Win 10 battle, be in top 3 damage
  11. Medium Hard: Cause 50,000 damage
  12. Medium Hard: Win 10 battles, be in top 5 XP
  13. Easy: Kill 30 tanks
  14. Medium: Play 10 battles in which you kill at least 2 tanks
  15. Easy: Play 3 battles, be on top XP

6 thoughts on “T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 15

  1. I think it was a very fair grind.
    There were 2 missions that were actually hard, others were either really easy or easy but a little more time consuming.
    You could still skip those 2 harder missions (10 wins with top 3 XP and 10 wins with top 3 dmg).

    I also respect the fact that the missions got harder in the middle and then again got easier at the end.

    I got this tank yesterday and i really enjoy playing it.
    Gun handling is awesome, DPM is also very nice and accuracy isn’t bad. Mobility is also pretty nice with good top speed, size is more on the smaller side or we could say compact so it’s quite hard to hit. Armor is garbage but the turret mantlet is quite troll and hard to pen if people don’t have good pen or if if they hit the sloped parts.

    It was worth it.

  2. A little bit too easy I’d say, already saw 46%ers platoons in t25s.
    But Pilot is awesome, totally worth it.

  3. I agree that it was a reasonable balance of hard, medium and easy missions in the end so that if you really and totally didn’t want too spend any money on the tank you could get it done.

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