Jean Bart – WoWS Public Test Client files.

I have discovered among the files for “misc” items for France (“misc” texture folder is for deck clutter items mostly) there is a file merely labeled “”. The texture file itself appears to merely contain the textures to various items such as windows and possibly a range finder, that must belong uniquely to the Jean Bart.

If you have the WOWS_UNPACKER program for the client, the file can be found here: res/content/gameplay/france/misc/textures/
(This would not be the first instance of files that were not meant to be in the client accidentally being released, assuming its an accident due to the lack of any other texture pieces for the ship.)

Discovered by myself, Shipmaster_Crook.

18 thoughts on “Jean Bart – WoWS Public Test Client files.

  1. It means that on as we can for sure speculate on tier 7 (because Dunkuerque is tier 6 premium) we will have two french battleships: one premium and one with in normal line. Why ? Because Richelieu is leading ship in that french bb class soo it is impossible that he will not be in the game. Seeing Jean Bart french bb related files it means that both Richelieu and Jean Bart will be in the game and from here it is easy to see why i said – two french bbs in tier 7 – premium and normal line.

    1. I’d rather they be tier 8, atleast then they get 32mm bow armor so they can actually bow tank instead of get citadelled by Bayerns like Dunkerque ;-;

        1. So it’d seem, but Algerie is tier 7 for some odd reason when it’s really comparable to the Hipper/Zara, so it’s possible that Richelieu could end up tier 7.

          1. Algerie may be most comparable to Hipper and Zara, but that doesn’t mean the three ships all belong in the same tier together. The Algerie was the only one of the three that made a genuine effort to meet Treaty restrictions, and as a result displaced less than the German or Italian ships.

            I think WG probably made the right call setting Algerie at tier 7. Algerie might hopefully be a good tier 7 rather than a weak tier 8.

            As for Richelieu and Jean Bart, I’m guessing that they will definitely be at tier 8. Doesn’t seem reasonable to place them at tier 7.

    2. Mutsu is T6 but Nagato is T7. We will have to wait and see. Always expect the unexpected from WG.

  2. Logically speaking, Strasbourg should be tier 7 as it is a more heavily armored Dunkerque, while Richelieu/Jean Bart should be tier 8 as they were the direct rivals to Roma, NC, and Bismarck.

    1. Do not belive that WG would with your ShinGetsu view – that WG will put one ship in tier 6 and one in tier 7 in terms of DUnkuerque and Strasburg. It does not seems to be WG WOWS logic. Sorry. Do not belive in that.

      1. Mutsu and Nagato
        Konig Albert and Kaiser
        Belfast and Edinburgh

        Sister ships at different tiers are completely normal.

  3. Strasbourg is an upgraded version of Dunkerque, and WOWS logic is that premiums are supposed to be slightly better than their tech tree counterparts. Strasbourg at Tier VI would be better in every way than Dunkerque.

    1. This doesn’t apply for all ships. Mutsu isn’t better than Nagato. Also Dunkerque is worse than her sister Strasbourg.

    2. No, Wows Logic is that researchable ships should be better then premium counterparts. Not the slightest idea where you got the idea that premiums are better.
      This is fact.

  4. Mutsu has no armour, no AA and very bad pen on its guns. Richelieu class is superior in armament to Bismarck and has equivalent bow armour, but with the ability to point all guns forwards. The argument would be like putting Tirpitz at tier VII compared to Bismarck at tier VIII.

    1. most tier 8 guns can penetrate turret face to around 15-18km (not even talking about tier 9 and 10), and it don’t have any armor on weather deck (so just 25/32mm on tier 7/8) so any cruiser with 200mm+/152mm with IFHE can deal serious damage, not talking that you don’t have any serious firepower on rear.
      another note: DON’T DARE EXPOSING BROADSIDE citadel is above waterline, both at main magazines and machinery.

      Carriers will like it as early version had quite bad AA, while after upgrade it still lacked in long range AA power, but at last had some good mid range AA.
      Jean Bart on other hand had quite powerful AA.

      also at last when looking at Dunquerke accuracy isn’t best.

      generally speaking hard to tell its true 8 tier or 7 tier, more 7.5. when bow on it can be spammed to death by HE due to thin weather deck armor, superstructures generally get damage saturated quite fast, but here you would also had penetration on hull casemate, also other BB can damage and potentially destroy it main weapons.

      in brawl it literally stand no chance due to citadel location, limited secondaries in frontal arc, and no main guns on rear + Bismarck secondaries would eat him alive (as 150mm guns HE have 37mm pen)

      at range maybe, based on accuracy.

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