T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 11

After yesterday’s horrible grind, everything is back in your own hands. Today’s mission is to do 50,000 damage. You can do it in tier IV-X; however I recommend higher tiers for it to be done quicker.

Reward: a garage slot

Historical overview with estimated difficulty based on average player:

  1. Easy: Win 5 battles, be in top 10 XP
  2. Easy: Kill 10 tanks
  3. Easy: Cause 15,000 damage
  4. Easy: Gather 20,000 XP
  5. Medium: Win 10 battles, be in top 10 damage
  6. Medium Hard: Play 10 battles, cause at least 2,000 damage
  7. Hard: Play 20 battles, be in top 5 damage
  8. Hard: Win 10 battles, be in top 3  XP
  9. Easy: Play a battle where you are top damage
  10. Hard: Win 10 battle, be in top 3 damage

43 thoughts on “T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 11

  1. 50k for a week day is quite a nasty grind to be honest. Takes the fun totally out of the challenge. Driving the same tank over and over again…pff Five days left, seems this will be first token for me.

    1. 3 days its three days… Also 50k in a day is not that bad hell its better then farming damage in a b2 and a val 2 I just knocked off 20k in 7 battles its not that bad id rather do damage total over top 3 exp and or top damage and a win….

  2. I quit since yesterday, and I have to say life is better now. Funny too, watching these mission comments :))))

  3. Couldnt do it yesterday, the game doesnt make sense anymore
    I feel bad for starting and getting hooked in their psichological baits. I am a weak person

    Today is easier, but at an average of 1500dmg per battle…even today means min 2/3 hours
    Fuck it

    1. Yep its tough for us working guys 50k is alot to get in the time you have week days i did 8 mission then bought 5 tokens cheap enough for a tier 8 premium

  4. Thats still 25 battles if you do 2k damages in each, and you need to add a few fails… I wouldnt call that easy at all. It is at least as grindy as yesterday, you’ll need a good 30-35 battles to achieve this, and if battles start to last more than 5 minutes you basicaly ruin your entire afternoon. Its just that this time it relies a tiny bit more on skill, but still out of 50k damages there is a lot of times your team and the MM will have an impact.

    Better start playing tier Xs like soviet MTs, Maus and Strv103B, or have a loooot if time ahead of you.

    1. Not the same
      Much easier because you dont need your team to win
      This is important. yesterday I was many times in top3 but the team failed…
      So now it is truly individual, so easier

    2. It’s fairly easy for anyone with a decent tier 8 tank/TD.
      I did it in 30 battles with my Skorpion (and I’m an ‘average’ player)..

  5. Yesterday after 4 hours of playing I completed conditions 7 times, and there was at least 15 loses where I was in top 3… So I deleted game. Soooo stupid teams, gold in tier 5… This was too much. I have 15k battles and score of 51,60 – I am not bad player, but Im not capable to ruin my nervs anymore.

    1. You deleted a game?? lol.. than GTFO and never write anything about WoT.. ok? Noob.

    2. “I failed the mission so I deleted the game”

      Lmao, what’s next ?
      -“I couldnt get my wife pregnant so I killed her”
      -“I couldnt reach a place when cleaning my house so I set it on fire”
      -“I fucked up my meal so I’ll die of hunger”

      Way to react to things. Usualy you learn to stop doing that before primary school.

  6. Yesterday I tried to finish, but got 1 in about 2 hours. 4k damage battles and losing.. just a stupid mission.
    50k damage? max 2 hours. take a few higher tiers and just shoot. There is no win condition or anything. That makes is SOO much easier. Might take 20 battles. (maybe just 15), still its easy doable.

  7. Someone need to send feedback to WG about these missions. While I’m glad that I quit once I saw the unhealthy missions for weekend, I already saw many people who were fed up with insanity involved in this marathon (both for ppl who chase the mission and those who only want to play against sane pubbies). Previous formats are much more healthy for us players, and business in the long run.

    (This is more about the overall missions though, today’s mission is still grindy but at least it’s a conventional damage mission: you are progressing no matter how bad you’re playing –unless you did 0 damage which is most likely your own fault)

    1. Previous format may be less stressfull on a daily basis but it is also near impossible for many people because it requires every nation and a still at least 20 games per day. This one allows more people to hope to finish it, but because they cant just give a free premium tank to everyone they still need some really hard missions.

      1. The main point for previous marathon format is that it basically didn’t really affect the gameplay meta, while this one affect even those who don’t even bother with mission since some missions forces people to aim for certain parameters (e.g Damage missions without win condition = More arty/TD in pub, people play even more selfish and sometimes don’t bother to reset)

        On the contrary, previous marathon only require you to play a little bit more often compared to usual if you play regularly, on your own pace. While (some of) previous missions indeed require people to get tanks from every nations first, it’s preferable compared to forcing people to play in days where you don’t want to play. It’s just toxic and possibly made some people took a hiatus or even quitting. It also rewards people to play other type of tanks = more varied tanks in pub which is nice. Tokens are also available anyway if you don’t want to bother with certain nations.

  8. I don’t even bother to grind the missions. Waste of time and the gameplay during this kind of events is horrible. The T25 is mediocre at best, totally not worth all the frustration. If I really wanted one, I would just have bought it and have a life for the rest of these 15 days.

    1. If you wanted one you’d get the tier 7 T25/2 for free, which is the same tank except a bit slower, but a tier lower.

  9. I agree, yesterday was completely horrible.
    Not sure if I play this evening, maybe I will just buy a token and relax with WOWS.
    The ammounts of premium ammo in the air for battles even in tier 4 or 5 were hilarious.
    After a bunch of battles with 5 times conditions fulfilled I switched off the PC yesterday – not funny anymore.

  10. Even if I hated too much yesterday’s mission, I got it faster than I thought, just playing KV-2 and T-150 + tier VI game. I have to say that I was really lucky, because in tier VIII games I couldn’t do anything, and, of course, you had to win.

    Fortunally I have some holidays this week, so I’ll try to get those 50.000 damage and my first garage slot (the two missions I’ve left where the two win the slot… 🙁 )

  11. I still have a chance as I only failed two times, yesterday included. However I won’t participate any more and I think never again in these maratons. I like to play wot in my favorite tanks but these grinds are just not fun at all. (SP-I C is my absolute favorite)

  12. Just quit while you are ahead (i.e. while you are still a sane person),

    I gave up yesterday, and that was the 3rd mission I passed.

    I would have bought a few tokens if I missed only 2-3, but as things are looking now, I probably won`t do any of the remaining missions as they are getting harder and harder. It`s just not worth it.

    Oh, and Mondeo YOU are a piece of shit for attacking people like that. Easy being big-mouth and brave over the Internet, huh, you piece of shit?

  13. 23 battles; mission complete. Rolling out the M53/M55; average dmg 2,732 per game. Played 5 battles in other tanks.

  14. Any task without “WIN” requirement is decent. “WIN” in WOt is a pure MM/RNG factor not a skill.
    A couple of months ago I started playing WOWS and abandoned WOT almost comlpetely and the difference in fun from play is huge in favor of WOWS.

    First – each team gets the same numer of ships in a given class (sometimes +-1). But you never play 5 tier X BBs vs 5 tier X CA, as it is common in WOT – 5 BatChats vs 5 E100 on Sand River … or Ensk

    Second – cap points have a real influence on teamplay. Even if a numer of dumbas… dies in first
    2 minutes the game can be still turned over by smart tactic even by 2-3 players. WOT is just like “hunt’em till all die” and an early death of 2-3 yolo morons is 99,9% a lossto the team. In most if not all maps cap zone has no real strategic purpose.

    Third – smart balance of AP/HE use instead of pay-2-win premium ammo spam for credits. Why on earth only one tank in WOT has HE as a relevant dmg dealing option ? Why HE cannot cause fire like in WOWS (with reduced chance ofc)

  15. It’ll be a grind but I have the time to throw at the problem today…having bought five tokens this is the last mission I’ll need to complete.

  16. did any1 else noticed how all these missions kinda negate the need of scouts?be honest:905 of peole don’t play scouts if they want to finish the mission…..makes me wonder if WG is very stupid or very smart….well see the answer when tier X scouts arive

  17. So far i have completed every mission with 8 definitely being the hardest so far. Today’s will take a while but it looks easy enough to do especially with a Grille 15

  18. Well, I gave up on yesterdays mission (6/10 after 6 hours) so I guess I should do this one…. but 50k… would prefer this sort of crap on weekend, not midweek.

  19. I’d love to know what the fuck happened to my complete missions…

    I did these ones (made sure I got the mission completed message in the final battle) –

    Easy: Win 5 battles, be in top 10 XP
    Easy: Kill 10 tanks
    Easy: Cause 15,000 damage
    Easy: Gather 20,000 XP
    Medium Hard: Play 10 battles, cause at least 2,000 damage
    Hard: Play 20 battles, be in top 5 damage
    Easy: Play a battle where you are top damage
    Hard: Win 10 battle, be in top 3 damage

    And just completed todays mission for 50K damage,
    When I check the mission progress in game, it tells me I’ve only completed 4 missions…
    Seriously, what the fuck?

    1. Yeah, I’m an idiot and only realised that after doing todays mission, lol.

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