T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 7

WG decided to up the ante: today’s mission is to play 20 battles in which you are in the top 5 of your team based on damage.

Tier IV to Tier X. Reward will be 50% extra combat XP personal reserve.


49 thoughts on “T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 7

  1. Not really looking forward to the next missions. Yesterday was a bad day for my mood. Almost took me 2.5 hours to grind it through. Folding teams, low rolls, bad play by myself, ending battle on 1970 and 1985 damage. Some curse words have flown through the room…

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    1. Yeah, lol.

      This one seems still “easy” if you are good player, but you cant avoid the fact it will be quite long and grindy one.


  2. Okay, 20 in top 5? Now THIS is hard (By hard I mean it will be very grindy, even when you able to do it in straight 20 battles (unicum in best tank when lucky I guess?) you still need 2 hours at the very least When you’re not that good? Multiple it by 2 to 3.

    I hope this is just due to weekend, I will bail out if it just keeps escalating from here.

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    1. you are looking at it the wrong way, its easier at lower tiers (4-5), just like yesterdays mission was easier on high tiers (9-10)… just pick some lowtier with limited MM, load ~5 premium ammo every game and its super easy


    1. This mediocre tank doesn’t worth any money to buy, and not 100% not worth the mission grind if difficulty is like the later half of the personal mission or past no life-er marathons…..


    2. Thats bullshit, WG never had something else in their minds than this. Missions become harder or more grindy over the time, so lots of people will not make it for the 13 tokens. No surprise.


  3. Tier 9 or 10 tanks because you can’t see 2 tiers higher tanks, preferably MT’s because they are the most consistent (or a fast TD like Grille 15).

    But 20 battles is really a lot.

    Good luck to all of you who didn’t give up.


  4. Considering it’s now the weekend, this is an easy mission.
    “Play 20 battles where you so not suck”/”play 20 battles in a tier 4-5” ; that should be enough for top 5 by damage.

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    1. Nevermind I take what I said this mission is cancer and is as gamebreaking as the original PMs. People play solo, teamkill, shield ennemies and rush so they get all the damages. I’m two hours in and still need 4… I’m worried for whats next


    1. Except no because tier 4 is flooded with B2 and Valentine II. Its not the easy way, it makes it even harder actualy lol


  5. And this is only the seventh mission… Maybe we could guess that the 10th day mission will be something like “be the first of your team by damage dealt 50 times”. Lol.
    And ffs, stop with missions asking for damage, it puts a fucking hatefull mood in the game! Yesterday I was killed by teammates 2 times, and I don’t count the amont of friendly fire I received…


  6. I find it quite amusing to see so many people complaining.

    Guys did you forget that this is a tier 8 Premium tank you are grinding towards? Worth something around 40€? Of course they wont give it to you for free.

    Do you remember how much time and effort it took to get the T-44-100?
    Compare this to the missions we had so far for the T25 Pilot. It’s nothing.
    If the amount of work you have to invest in getting the T25 Pilot is somewhat close to the grind for the T-44-100 expect much harder missions for the last days.

    WG doesn’t want every 500 WN8 Noob to get this tank for free. But if the people who don’t have the time or skill to complete all missions spend 20€ each to skip through the hard missions WG will be happy and these players should be too. In the end they get a decent Tier 8 Premium MT for 20€…

    …And SerB gets more money for his space program.

    Sounds like a Win-Win, right?

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    1. The problem is the mission is stupid, since it’s only valid for 24 hours.
      If WG make it like a batch of 20 missions over 15 days, then I won’t complain.
      Also, the tank is very lackluster compared to T-44-100, and it is way cheaper: $52 for T-44-100 vs $35-ish for T-25 pilot.


    2. “Guys did you forget that this is a tier 8 Premium tank you are grinding towards? Worth something around 40€?”

      No, this is a tier 8 MT with full MM that is based on a tier 7 TD that isnt that itself ; and even WG priced the tank at around 25€ which is the price of some tier 7 tanks almost.
      This is not a good tank ; definitely not bad but far from good compared other marathon missions. While the hard missions were worth it for WZ-111 and T-44-100, this tank’s marathon should almost be as simple as the TOG one we got a few years ago on a similar format (13 daily missions out of 15 days). And when we see how time consuming and rng dependent these missions become at only 7 days ; I think we have good reasons to complain. Thats a big investment for a tank not worth that much, even if in the end its free.


  7. Definitely harder, but still completely doable.
    A few tips:
    1) Use any top tier TD, play decently, and you should make 3 out of 4 battles count for this (so about 27-28 battles in order to complete).
    2) Alternatively grab a Pz B2 and roflstomp. Again, you should make it every 3 out of 4, unless you suck.



    1. I just played 1 game so far today, and yeah, the guys above are somewhat right. Tier 4 matches ARE filled with clubbers doing the mission. But they aren`t half of your team. It`s fucking 10 out of 15(!) of them.

      Will be harder than I thought…


  8. Damn difficult mission… it took me 21 missions on my CZ T51… :-P
    But I agree, it is not as easy as it sounds, you need a tank with high DPM or a TD with good gun and good camo values like the Swedish ones.


  9. Why you not get the tank for free w. G.
    Come one at list oe time be human.
    It took me this misson 7 hour to do.
    You like $/€ w.g. and we gave sone but you ask for more and more….
    It is so hard to be at list one time nice with us, … some time i belive you hate as more then like us.
    I wish all the best to them and pls some one make a beter game them this not like armorede war. So i never play this satanist game.


  10. …i dont like these kind of missions, it can get rly frustraing. AND expensive…I would prefer usual things like get 30k xp or kill 30 tanks or do 30k dmg etc. Top 10 is OKish, but top 5?? Everyone is spamming gold like crazy to be top 5, no teamplay at all, ppl are arcting more stupidly than usual…Yes i did this mission (with churchil 3 and (almost full) gold excelsior but i rly hate to play like this…


  11. Yeah, this mission was by far the worst for me. Not only is it gridy, but it goes overnight (starts 3PM one day and ends 3PM the next). This by itself is fine, but I had shit to do till like 11PM tonight and will have chace to do it before it ends tomorrow . So I decided to stay up until 1:30AM finishing the mission. Let me tell you doing it when you’re tired makes it so much worse. I’m lucky I have a lot of seal clubbing tanks (Pz B2, KV 220, Churchill III, Valentine II, Pz IV hydro and to a lesser extent the M4A2E4) otherwise I wouhave gone insane.


  12. I didn’t do this one. Not because it’s hard (it’s actually not that hard just grindy), but because high tier gameplay is complete cancer. Standard T10 MM looks like this – 2/3 arty, 4/5 TD’s atleast.

    You peek a corner – you take 750 (in better case) from a TD. You go out of artycover – you get fucked by arties.

    Tried EU1 too, MM was a little bit better there – 2/3 arty usually but not every single game and bit less TD’s aswell. But got yoloed/focused every.single.game.

    Not gonna do this stupid marathon since I’m not enjoying it at all.


    1. Agreed. Arty party every godamn game. Lowest forms of life. They need to make it where you don’t get penalized for tk on artillery. Then let the players decide. Problem solved.


  13. So, I just took my 50-100 for a ride and it took me around 25 battles +6 i played earlier in the rudy as a fail experiment, cause mid tiers today were as bad as high tiers yesterday.
    All I needed was not an open map and it was easy from there.


    1. What was wrong with mid tiers? I did this mission almost entirely in my Cromwell B, it took me 25 battles (11× Cromwell B, 5× Borsig and T67, 1× AMX 50 120, BC 25t, E 25 and Pz. B2).

      Anyway, the key was to play tanks fast enough to get to deal the damage (my Borsig failed 2 times just because of being slow, I only managed to get 1 hit in those 2 battles) and competitive enough to shine even two tiers higher. :-) Just to be clear, I am no unicum, my average WN8 is 1495, although yesterday I averaged 2124, hehe.

      Today’s mission seems harder (10 times TOP 3 by XP earned), but I think I will use the same tanks, maybe a little bit more of that T67. I believe it could take the same number of battles or a little less…


      1. In the few games I played with tier (Rudy) the teams were super trash, I got yolod a couple times and saw heavies protecting arty.
        Switching to 50100 was clutch – All I had to do was land some shots early with my first clip, reload and make sure my shots count from there.
        In tier 10 games I managed to land high enough, in tier 8 it was a walk in the park.


  14. I’m starting to get tired of this missions. I’m a “new” player on the game (3.000 battles) and my biggest tier is Tier VIII. I have a KV-4 (not the best to do some damage, plus I don’t have the good gun) and a Defender (present), and after playing during more than 6 hours I only got 3 times those 2.000 damage. It was very frustrating to me, because I’m still not a really good player, and I haven’t reached a tier IX or tier X tank.

    I felt really useless yesterday. Furthermore, a lot my games finished with 1.500 – 1.900, so I was really frustrated. Finally I created a platoon with my boyfriend and just enjoyed playing some low tier tanks.

    Yesterday’s mission is orientated to big numbers, be sure of that. Not only big numbers of wn8 (I’m 670), it seems that they want to give the tank to some veteran players. If I knew it before I wouldn’t expend more than 200 battles to get those missions.

    But if yesterday’s was horrible, today’s one is simply HEAVY. They force you to play more than 20 games (that’s the average games I play everyday)…

    I’m sorry, this is the first time I post here (I’ve been following the page a lot), but I had to say what I think. Thank you for your daily entries, they’ really useful :)

    PS: Sorry if you don’t understand me very well – English is not my main language and it’s difficult for me.

    PS2: For any reason it didn’t posted my message. Sent it around 12 hours ago…


    1. Actually for a new player, it’s not feasible to do the marathon, only to learn what you need for the future. There was an IS-6 marathon at some point and I was new by then, had just gotten my first tier 10. I tried but could not do the mission. But I learned to keep some key tanks for future missions, like tanks from every nation, some good tier 4-5-6 tanks. It’s true I have got a Pz B2 with cash and a Churchill III too, but even the fact that I knew what tanks to get was important.
      And I’ve done most marathons since then, 3 tier 8 tanks, one tier 7…


      1. In fact that’s what I started to do after the T-44-100 marathon. I have, at least, a tier V from every nation (well, at least I’m trying, the only ones I have at tier IV are the chinese and the swedish). I also kept some of the tanks I enjoyed the most and I can handle well: KVs (1, 2 and 3), T-150, T67 + premiums (Turán III + Defender). The other missions were done by playing with the 150 and the KV-2 mainly, but I was surprised to get them even easier with the KV-3.

        I’ve been playing for a year and yes, I still don’t have a tier X just because I prefer to play in my rhythm (“now this tank, now I want to play that…”) than playing crazily just one to get it asap in tier X.

        Thanks for the advise mate, I’ll keep trying and we’ll see if we’ll be able to get the Pilot :)


  15. Instead of chasing the mission, I just picked my light tanks/fast meds and rack spotting damage: The only thing which is still rather fun this day with the current pubs population. F*ck T25 pilot.


  16. 19.03 missions are plain cancer win 10 games be top 3 xp ..its plain retarded and at this rate i’m gonna give up .. i don’t wanna play 10 hours to complete a daily.. i’ve got others things to do but its ok .. they fucking force you to buy the missions .. ama drop this shit game sooner then later.


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