T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 5

Today the mission is to win 10 games and be in the top 10 per damage on your team. Any number of games, tier IV to X.

Reward is 50k credits and a fire extinguisher.

Thanks to “StyleZ” for the complete info.


20 thoughts on “T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 5

    1. Remember this is a marathon to earn a TIER 8 PREMIUM, which is worth 30 BUCKS. The difficulty level is very low, especially when compared to the horrible T-44-100 missions. For such a reward, there is nothing to complain about.

      Now, we can still discuss about the very last days of the offer, where the amount of required xp/dgms/wins will probably be a bit high (20 wins?) for those who have a job/family. But for now, even 10 wins is very easy.


      1. you want to make the players happy, so you think “Let’s give them a premium tank!”
        First mission took about 1 – 2 hours, so anyone who regularly plays 1-2 hours or more + some people that say “I could spare an hour/day for a nice tank” will try to get this tank.
        Now you up the requirements. What do you get? you get frustrated people! the guy who wasn’t going to play that 1 hour every day, but made time for WoT, or the people who can only play 1-2 hours every day will be very angry.
        You started with “let’s make them happy!” now you get a lot of angry people! – That’s why you need to keep the missions at the same level


  1. witha 50% win rate and ocassional die in the first 20 secs, it means I need 25 battles for this. 25 battles at an average of 4 mins (loading included)…means 1h30min.
    Yep, a regular job


    1. How do you die occasionally die in the first 20 seconds? I would find that a challenge harder than this mission..

      If you have so little time to do the missions it probably means you have a job. Well flat out buy the tank if you want it so bad.

      Can’t really expect to get a free tier eight premium for less effort than this.


  2. so is it everything plus 5 or double? I think tommorrow it will be something like 15 kills (or 20 double), next day 20k dmg (or 30 double) and so on. My humble guess :)


  3. So let me recap: 5 wins/10k damage/20k XP/ 10 wins, which means we may have: 20k damage/40k XP/15 wins/30k damage/60k XP/20 wins/40k damage/80k XP/25 wins /50k damage /100k XP.


  4. Just hope in 4 days it won’t be “20 wins”. I can do spot, dmg, kills but pls no more “win X battles” missions with servers loaded with 7yo kids. This week I got a tier VI game in Hellcat. A lost one. I did 2k dmg and it was MORE than the whole rest 14 of f…. imbecils in my team did together !!!.


  5. Got to 9/10 and then it took me 6 games to get 10th victory. My favourite is game with 10 arties (5 both side) and 45% e100 “teammate” shooting me from behind. Day as usual WG, huh


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