Info on Artillery Changes

Thanks to Vlad for translating. Source: WoT RU Devs

The changes to the role of SPGs continue on, shortly before the start of the next stage of testing on the Sandbox sever, we are ready to share new information about the changes of this class.

Important: changes to combat performance and some game mechanics will be tested on Supertest before the start of Sandbox.


Changes to characteristics will apply to all SPGs in the game. Changes can be divided into two groups:

– changes to lowtier SPGs;

– tweaks to SPGs which have already been tested on Supertest and “Sandbox”.


For lowtier vehicles, following changes will occur:

– reduced penetration of explosive shells;

– removal of AP, HEAT and premium HE shells;

– reduction of view range.


Vehicles that have previously participated in testing on Sandbox will be changed as follows:

– reducing the splash radius by 10%;

– heavy and extra heavy spall liner will reduce the stun effect by 10%;

– reducing the negative impact of the stun on mobility by 30%.


Important! These are test changes, and they may differ from the final version.