WoWS: 0.6.3 Tier 7 French Cruiser Algerie stats

Thanks to Urakaze for translating.

PS: I, Seb, will be away tomorrow, because of an important exam. Sorry for that.

*Please note that the following stats are subject to changes before it is released*

Tier 7 French Cruiser

Ship HP: 35600
Deck Armour: 22-80mm
Citadel Protection: 40mm – 110mm
Torpedo Protection: 16%
Max Speed: 31 knots
Rudder Shift Time: 8.72 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 660 m
Surface Detectability: 13.86 km
Air Detectability: 8.04 km

Main Battery
203mm/50 Mle.1931 (4 x 2)
Range: 17.93 km
Reload Time: 12 seconds
Turret Rotation Speed: 30 sec/180°
Sigma : 2.0

HE Ammo: 203mm OEA Mle. 1927
Damage: 2800
Initial velocity: 850m/s
Chance of fire: 15%

AP Ammo: 203mm OPf Mle 1936
Damage: 4800
Initial velocity: 820m/s
Penetration (5km/10km/15km) : 302mm/213mm/152mm

Secondary Battery
100mm/45 Mle. 1931 (6 x 2)
Range: 4.5 km
Reload: 4 seconds
Damage: 1400
Chance of fire: 6%

550mm Lance-Torpilles (2 x 3)
Damage: 14833
Speed: 60 knots
Range: 9 km
Reload: 90 seconds
Detectability: 1.3km

100mm/45 Mle. 1931 (6 x 2)
41 damage, 5.0km range

37mm/70 ACAD Mle 1936 (4 x 2)
48 damage, 3.5km range

25mm/60 CAD Mle 1939 (4 x 2)
34 damage, 3.1km range

(1st slot) Damage Control Party
(2nd slot) Hydroacoustic Search/ Defensive AA fire
(3rd slot) Catapult Fighter
(4th slot) Engine Boost


15 thoughts on “WoWS: 0.6.3 Tier 7 French Cruiser Algerie stats

    1. It has at 15km the same pen as the Yorck does at 10km and that extra is massively more vs cruisers and at 18km range with its shells dropping straight down this will matter Yorcks 80ishmm cannot pen decks where as the 130ish MM of this can.

      Also it has some of the very best torps at T7 by far. 60 knot at 9km is great, and if they are forward looking unlike IJN ships, it will be even more OP. 15k DMG torps will 1 shot most T7 DDs and do 50% Dmg to most cruisers.

      IDK how you guys see this as a bad ship. This thing in my hands will rape at T7. I will spam the 17% fire chance at BB from safe range, light them up x2 and then us AP to sweep the deck. And I have the knockout power and torps to murder ships in smoke or up close.


      1. Right enough pen to pen decks, but an angle of fall such that you’ll autobounce, let me know how that works out for you.

        That said i agree solid stats across the board.


  1. Looks like it has penetration around that of a Hipper, little worse than Pensacola.
    I am not sure if I like what I see. Of course I don’t want blatant power creep, but so far I am not sure if AP will be a reliable option on French cruisers.


    1. This is better than Pepsi in every major way. Also remember its velocity on shells will be much better than US as a whole because they used WW1 loads still before swapping to deck strikes like advanced ships did and in game this is better.

      But it has similar camo to Pepsi, similiar turn and rudder and most importantly which is a game changer is torps and not 6km like german that are nice in a pinch, but 9km torps 2 x 3 @ 14k dmg. And at only 90 sec reload this is huge.

      Pepsis ultimate trouble is its ROF cannot threaten BBs, so BBs pick on it by simply rushing the Pepsi and not worrying about anything because its little fire risk. This has the knockout power and at 9km can easily torp smoke.

      Lastly its 18km range is massive. At 18km shells are almost coming straight down in this game on cruisers and with 152mm at 15km this is still alot to be hitting decks, considering most are only 100mm, and most are small thin layers as well.

      Not to mention the 18km buys it tha massive spac it needs to manuver away from BBs


      1. You really need to stop drinking the cool aid and pay some attention to your geometry classes and the game Q&A’s :p.

        A) WG’ing and in game testing has confirmed angle of fall should match and does match navweps data. The floatiest 8″ in the game is the Des Moines. It still dosen’t fall steep enough (>30 degree’s), to not suffer autbounce on decking above the overmatch thickness, (note HE doesn’t auto bounce period), until >20km range. French 8″ with it;s higher MV would have to shoot even furthar.

        B) Basic geometry says that the impact angle between a horizontal and vertical plate will be different. Thus 152mm of pen is only acurratte vs belt armour. It’s going to be much less effective penetration vs deck armour. (Likely <50mm).


  2. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s good or not – it’s the most beautiful and iconic of the French heavy cruisers, and I want to have it.

    But it looks okay to me. Definitely better than the Pensacola, since it has torpedoes for those “Mon dieu that’s a Tirpitz 4km away brown alert” moments…

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  3. Basically a Hipper/Prinz with less AA, more HE damage, different torps and slightly better armor at tier 7? Seems pretty nice.


  4. According to someone who got leaks from SEA STs, it’s a really stong ship.
    To be honest, everyone expected it to be tier8

    I’m expecting a nerf to max range and RoF to be honest.


  5. looks at
    P-cola citadel hit box
    Myoko turret placement and torpedo firing arc
    shell drag values and torp range in Yorck :/

    Hmm not sure if … #PowerKreep or #Pay2Win

    Also no russian CL so #RussianBias is unconfirmed …


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