Q&A – 7th March 2017

Thanks to Vladimir for this translation.
Answers from Anton “Evilly” Pankov:
 – Great solution to stuff everything on one server. RU6 died, you can’t go to the others and do Stronghold battles there. The ingenuity of the solution is incredible. – If it is necessary, we’ll add other servers, currently it will be like this for testing.
 – Good day. A model of the T92 light tank was leaked. Will you put it in the LT branch after the T71? I’m eagerly waiting for this tank. – No, we won’t.
 – Are there approximate deadlines for the trade-in release with an expansion of the available tanks? I want to swap two-three for more comfortable ones. – No deadlines yet, we’ll have to do some fixes there.
 – Will you ever fix minimizing the game and windowed mode? – Yes, as soon as the fix is ready.
 – When is the next ban wave? Or was this just for show, as usual? – It’s in the works now.
 – Q1: When will you reveal the secret of the IS-4’s new feature? Q2: It won’t be Anton revealing it, but Murazor, and if my theory is correct, it will be swapping the places of IS-4 and ST-1, since Murazor talked about this long ago. – A: You are right, and yes, Murazor will tell about this.
 – What about the Sheridan, the model is supposed to be changed, I hope you’re not simply hanging it with some axes? [TN: i.e. some cosmetics] – The hull will remain the prototype one with accessories.
 – Hello, I have the Swedish crew from New Year’s event, but have the tier 10 TD with an own skilled crew, and don’t want to grind the Kranvagn. Will there be a second branch of Swedish MT’s (they have a shit ton of Centurion copies)? – We’ll only have one Swedish Centurion for now, the tier 8 premium. No plans for an MT branch yet.
 – What is the difficulty to limit premium ammo for a tank’s loadout? – Since before introducing such a change, we’d like to test it. If it appears on Sandbox, it’s being considered, if not – then not.
 – What about the mantlets of Conqueror, FV4502, Action X, Chieftain (T95), why are they different?! – I’ll talk to historians about this.
 – When is the 3rd wave of bot hunting? Or do you think you’ve done your job?! – Soon.
 – Where is the [VK] 4503 which was in the shop on the test? – Rescheduled.
 – Will there be changes to personal missions like it was a year ago? – Yes.

– What about server stability? Lags like shit… It’s funny how when the game started, there was only 1 server which could withstand 1 million players and didn’t lag, and now there are 10 and it’s still not enough. – During the 1 million player count there were 4 or 5 servers.