On T26E5 Patriot EU swap

Source: WG

Dear Commanders!

With the recent arrival of the T26E5 without a special camouflage to our premium store, we have decided to enable possibility of the exceptional swap of the T26E5 Patriot to the non-camouflaged version.

While in general premium tanks cannot be swapped, as explained in this article, since we never offered a non-camouflaged version on the EU server, we have decided to offer this option for those, who find the regular version more appealing.

Conditions of the swap:

  • Used T26E5 Patriot can be swapped, no matter how many battles were played
  • T26E5 Patriot needs to be purchased before non-camouflaged version became available
  • Swap is possible only one way (T26E5 Patriot -> T26E5)
  • Swap can’t be reversed
  • During the swap, tank (T26E5 Patriot) must not be used

Other important information:

  • T26E5 Patriot statistics will stay in your Service Record
  • Equipment and consumables will be moved to the depot and crew to the barracks (temporary bunks, if there are no free ones)

While we do our best, to process the requests as soon as possible, swap process might take up to couple days after the confirmation about the process is provided. Therefore we would like to ask you for a bit of patience.

Your Wargaming Support Team

TAP Comment: Congrats WG on being fair to everyone. For this, I will buy your T26E5. This is the second time I buy something from WG, my first purchase being the cheap FCM 36 Pak 40.


30 thoughts on “On T26E5 Patriot EU swap

    1. Probably the same. The Trumpwagen looks funny, but not that ridiculous with a bit of 2nd degree.

      On the other side, If we get the occastion to swap the Liberté… I can’t stand that **** cock and .

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  1. I actually messaged WG about this with the same request for the non-camo M 41 90 GF and they wrote me off, sadly. They said they don’t have the tools for it even if they could.

    I hope they let us have the non-camo version this way soon. :)

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  2. thats good i have had it without the camo since it was released on na i do like the tank. the T34 was the first prem tank i bought and now i own about 50 total at least you have self control :P

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          1. To me all their albums are awesome… ok some are better than others and not all songs are of my taste but overall great band (again for my taste).

            The best thing about this band (imo) are their sick riffs and solos.


            1. Yeah, fair enough. The mid to late 90’s albums were bad for practically every 80’s thrash band. And after thrash revival in mid 2000’s, some bands imo picked up too much groove influence, Exodus included.
              I’m more of a fan of faster and flowing riffing, not chugging. Oh yeah, and like most thrash bands, their newer albums are overproduced for my taste.

              I can certainly agree with BBB being great and following 2 being very solid though.


              1. Yes i agree.
                I personally never enjoyed Force of Habit, i would rate it as the worst album from this band.
                I totally forgot about those weird years of some kind of rock/thrash weird albums.


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