New WoT Graphical Rework Video

New video has been released about the on-going graphical rework of the game’s maps. The new Cliff rework gives me the JC3 vibes!


26 thoughts on “New WoT Graphical Rework Video

  1. That’s all nice and great but it would be easier to get excited about it if Defender wasn’t a thing. I mean Patriot and Liberté were bad enough already, but I just can’t not think of Defender as a tipping point of Wargaming fuck-ups… If they are so desperate for cash they should’ve just introduce tier 9 premiums.


    1. Shut up,go get a job and buy a PC. It’s 2017,even a USED 10 YEAR OLD mid range crappy system like mine runs WoT and WoWS and a whole other bunch of games just fine.God damn crybaby.


    1. If you can’t spend money on a half-decent PC, then you’d better not not spending money on WoT either.. you don’t get to determine the direction of the game


    2. What the fuck dude?!? 4 years old PC, all Max settings, even TSHQ… etc, WoT runs with 120-110 fps…….

      With your 12 fps you cant even hit a barn i guess, so you are probably a red tomato too. And the reason why we have so shitty graphics right now. So no thanks i guess.


    3. Duuuuuude. Even on my crappy old laptop, I ran wot fine.
      I5, 4Go, GT325M, 7 years old with broken hinges and half dead USB=> 40 FPS on minimal (60 fps without mods). Few years ago when WoT was unoptimized and PC less powerful, I’d agree. But not nowadays, complaining is kind of ridiculous if you don’t even have the minimal requirements.

      So my question is: on WHAT are you exactly trying to run the game??? A calculator?


  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if they keep the current Mines map. “You want new map, so you get new Mines. Gut, da!”

    Don’t give a shit about graphics as long as there are obvious issues with the gameplay that they refuse to fix. Like really, I don’t care if I’m playing on my girlfriends crappy laptop or on my own game pc. Bouncing shots on a OPject 252 in a tier 6 tank isn’t that more fun in HD.


  3. If this is the legitimate reason why we haven’t gotten new maps in FOREVER, then I think I can accept that. Let’s just hope that all the maps get the facelift with modified terrain compared to their current versions because many of them have some severe issues.

    For all you arty haters, I refer you to the Chieftain’s SPG video. Use….your….treads.

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    1. We’ve gotten new maps fairly recently… Paris… We just hardly get these maps because the map rotation system sucks… But WG is fixing* this when they implement the 3-5-7 MM changes…

      * – Fixing is a relative term considering its WG, they’ll probably fuck it up somehow…


  4. Loads of destructible objects for no reason (HE shells?), sniper spots removed by adding steep rocks and arty won’t be able to shoot over these to help holding a spot.

    Seems like lots of sneaky changes for “armor to matter again”.


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