WoT Blitz: IS-2SH

Meanwhile in World of Tanks Blitz, the IS-2SH was announced (according to Russian sources, it’s a variant of the IS-2M) – a Soviet heavy tank with rear placement of the turret.

Would like a branch of Soviet “sneakers” on PC?


21 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: IS-2SH

  1. So, this is fabricated, right? I can’t find anything about it online. It looks like someone told a designer to take an IS and make it look like an A-44.

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    1. I think I remember something about a rear turreted IS-2 being mentioned, at least on writing.
      But I don’t recall any plans or blueprints, let alone drawings.

      I believe it’s about as fabricated as the jpzE100, where it was mentioned, and WG just took the idea and built upon it.

      Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though.

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  2. 1) on PC we have the american thingy with rear turret, it’s coming soon I think.
    2) this tank looks like a bad photoshop. Someone moved the turret backwards and the rear roof textures forward while letting the engine hatch on the rear and the pilot hatch in front… I would bet it’s a fake if it has only been announced on “russian sources” and not an official portal.

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    1. Easier to sidescrape. You don’t have to back out as far to clear the gun, meaning you don’t have to expose the front at all.


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