EU Special Offers for March

Thanks to Rumcays for translating

First weekend of March (4-7?):

  • 3x XP for first win
  • Discount for British and Chinese tier II-VII (50% and 30% likely)
  • Better free XP -> crew XP exchange ratio
  • Missions for rations for British and Chinese tanks

17-21 March – St Patrick’s Day Special:

  • x3 Crew XP
  • “lots of discounts”

At the end of the month:

  • Special missions that “grant more battle XP” (personal reserves?) – win 25 times in a premium tank.
  • Better Free XP conversion rate during the event.

Top of the Tree – T110E4


3 thoughts on “EU Special Offers for March

  1. They do, but only in Polish (WG Polska YT channel).
    I wonder though that since there was not as much outcry for lack of special on one of the previous weekends they are trying the same again this month :/


  2. I think in the past after all these National parades and Tier 2-7 silver discounts, there always was a weekend with Tier 8-10 vehicle discount for all nations. I really hope for such thing again!


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