Upcoming Premiums – Gold Prices

 Gold values got added to a few premium tanks, it seems.
French MT-8 Lorraine 40t – 10,700 Gold / 2420 RUB.
Swedish TD-8 Strv S1 – 10900 Gold/2464 RUB.
American HT-8 Chrysler K – 9200 Gold / 2090 RUB

19 thoughts on “Upcoming Premiums – Gold Prices

      1. I don’t have a Libetre so no comment on that. But I have to say Patriot is a more flexible tank even at t10 it can support the t10 MTs well. Whereas 252 from what I’ve seen is super OP in t8 when no arty in game, but once in t9 t10 games or have arty in the game you won’t do as well as the Patriot.

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        1. On a positive note for the Abject 252, I tried sidescrap in training room and as long as the ennemy BatChat and Obj 140 didn’t shot the cupolas or turret front, they were unable to penetrate my hull anywhere, whereas even the mighty front armor of the Liberté sometimes fail.

          Thus while the Patriot wins in versatility, hulldown and DPM races, the 252 is the king of sidescrap, bullshito-bounces and HP trade.

          But indeed, the Chrysler, with its poor pen, defensive sidescrap armor and lack of gun depression looks redundant compared to the Flashy Premiums.

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            1. I’m not surprised. The Patriot has the same 76mm side armor as found on the T29, but on a shorter and wider Tier8 hull, which make it unusable.
              It is far from the 101mm found on the T32 and Chrysler.

              For its own defense, the Patriot can expose its turret without risk and lol while its high pen-high DPM causes havoc.
              (Malinovkha without arty? 3260 dmgs from the hill, unarmed)

              The Chrysler is overall tougher, but its cupola is very soft, it has a nice arty shell landing pad and a rear turret which makes assaulting street corners risky.

              PS: even if you can’t hit its cupola, I fout ou that shooting a HE between the mudguard and track can splash the armor above which is stupidly thin.


              1. As far as an effective way of dealing with it goes, it has only 38 mm of hull roof. So you need 115mm gun to overmatch it completely (there’s no 115mm gun in the game of course, but plenty of 120 and 122, even on lower tiers) and it should be fairly effective to simply derp an HE right at the front of the turret, splashing the hull roof in the process.


  1. I refuse to pay anything for the Lorraine 40t, since I was robbed of it and got instead a piece of shit I can’t even look at and which I refuse to play!
    I want my lorraine back, an let that other thing be the premium, since it’s a lot more crap and deserves to be tier 8

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    1. BC25 AP is crap? WTF, this thing is superb. Got 3350 wn8 overall in exactly 100 matches in it, couldnt bei happier they replaced the Lorr with it.


      1. The fact that you have high WN8 only means you are doing better in it than the most of the players. WN8 is tank specific, and it does not indicate in any way how does the tanks in question compare to any other tank.

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  2. For anyone curious, these are their approximate values in USD (WG may raise/lower these, but these are converted from their values in Rubles):

    Lorraine 40t – $41.40 USD
    Strv S1 – $42.16 USD
    Chrysler K – $35.76 USD

    Looks a little odd, seeing how medium tanks are usually on the cheaper end, while heavies are generally more expensive. Though, I can see why, considering the Lorr. 40t has a rather dangerous autoloader and the S1 has siege mode, while the Chrysler K has nothing particularly “special” (although I think it’s still an interesting vehicle, its firepower could be better – namely, its penetration, like the T32’s, is a bit low for current HT standards, which I’d imagine WG might change in the future). Hopefully the former two make it into the tech tree as premiums, rather than premium shop “exclusives” which only get sold every few months (I wouldn’t mind the Chrysler K being subject to this, however, since we already have the T34 in-tree).

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  3. Why the **** do they waste time making gold pricew if they’re never gonna release them for in-game purshase anyway.

    Currently there is probably more tier 8 premium tanks than regular tanks (tier 8-9 combined) yet in-game we can only buy like 1 or 2 per nation. 252 was supposed to be IS-6’s replacement because they were supposed to get rid of prefMM tanks, probably same with M4 49, these were supposed to end in game. Since they said that, they simply removed tanks from in-game and never added mroe to compensate.

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    1. Not necessarily. Going by tanks.gg there are some prems there with a price but never sold, despite being there for quite a while. It’s semi-crap, to be honest. I would not be surprised if it end up as a reward for the next set of personal missions.


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