Improving the Site Layout – Help Needed

Hello, friends.

The TAP site was almost the same from the very beggining – and only now I start to see layout flaws in it. Since today is kind of quiet in terms of news, I have decided to ask you guys for a little help. I’m struggling to make the site get a secure SSL certificate and some images in the sidebar take a longer time to replace. I don’t usually talk too much (in order to show unbiased news as much as possible), but I would like to request your help this time. For what? Improving the stream badges. They just don’t work (they don’t show when the streamers are online) and only supports BBCode/HTML. So, I’m a bit stuck. There are 2 choices:

-Look for another good Streambadge-like service (I couldn’t find any of those so far, so if you know anything that works, tell me);

-Make my own streamer badges. For this, I’d like you to give me suggestions in the comments – how do you want them to look like?