Improving the Site Layout – Help Needed

Hello, friends.

The TAP site was almost the same from the very beggining – and only now I start to see layout flaws in it. Since today is kind of quiet in terms of news, I have decided to ask you guys for a little help. I’m struggling to make the site get a secure SSL certificate and some images in the sidebar take a longer time to replace. I don’t usually talk too much (in order to show unbiased news as much as possible), but I would like to request your help this time. For what? Improving the stream badges. They just don’t work (they don’t show when the streamers are online) and only supports BBCode/HTML. So, I’m a bit stuck. There are 2 choices:

-Look for another good Streambadge-like service (I couldn’t find any of those so far, so if you know anything that works, tell me);

-Make my own streamer badges. For this, I’d like you to give me suggestions in the comments – how do you want them to look like?



17 thoughts on “Improving the Site Layout – Help Needed

  1. About the SSL certificate, does your server hosting provider not have the option somewhere?
    They’re usually a bit cheaper and as easy as clicking on the option (and paying).

    If not, it’s always hard to talk finance on a comment section, but I would suggest something like digicert.
    It’s not cheap, but it’s good encryption, and good customer service apparently.


  2. Hmmm I actually thought the layout was pretty good…

    – infinite scroll down on news
    – the news is front and center with the titles linking to the articles
    – the site isn’t to flashy to take away from the articles themselves

    Oh you’re talking about those badges way at the bottom right, I see now… I cannot help you there, sorry, but seeing as I thought you meant the overall design (I read the title, and started to comment) I have to say it’s pretty solid as is, and in the future if your team deems there to be major layout changes just please do so in a way that enhances the already fairly easy to navigate news feed…

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  3. As for your struggle with HTTPS/SSL check if there’s any outbound content that links to a non-HTTPS site. That big Discord image for example would need replacing. Instead of leeching it off you should upload it to imgur or host it yourself.

    I’d also advice you to get “SSL Insecure Content Fixer”, it’s a WordPress plugin that might be useful in your case.

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  4. The formating of the Q&As and some other posts is a bit messy from time to time. That is really all that comes to my mind. Keep up the good work! :)

    As I am not streaming the badges never really bothered me and it is only now that you mention it I realize they always show ‘offline’.


  5. I like everything like it is, only one thing, i like to see some sort of check options of what i want to see on front page or not. Like, uncheck wows for me etc…

    (too much like there :-D )


  6. I´d like to see the different categories at the top so I dont have to scroll through world of warships and AW stuff to get to the WoT content I wish to see. The current interface still makes me scroll all the way down ;)


      1. Could you re-position the Catagories?
        And is there perhaps a plugin available for your CMS to make tabs out of you catagories and position them at the top of the page?


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