Q&A – 12th February 2017

Anton “Evilly” Pankov answers on Livejournal:

* Where is the unique model for Failöwe from CW (you said something about the body kit etc.) + it would be nice to double-check the gun mantlet, it gets penned from time to time. Model was promised, then scrapped the promise and the different guns don’t free you from the promise.
– Not scrapped, it is now in production, will be in the next version.
– About personal missions:
If it is decided that changes to arty will go to the release version – there will be changes for personal missions for the arty, or rather, they will all have to be redone.
Limit of 3 arty per battle will affect the personal missions as well. As for editing the current missions, interfaces for them etc. – in the process.
Extending LT to tier 10 will have no impact on the missions.
 – Batchat is on the way! In a couple of weeks screenshots will be there 🙂 (Talking about HD).
* It’s not coming in 9.17.1?
– Nope
* Dear Anton, a question about trade-In:
I’d be interested to swap some tanks with preferential MM. Would specials to swap tanks 1 to 1 from the same nation or class be possible? Which means not to account for 50% in a particular case, but more, for example:
1. FCM-50t -> AMX MLE 49/ AMX CDC
2. IS-6 -> Object 252U.
3. T26E4 -> T26E5/ M46 Patton KR
4. Potentially 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger -> Jagdtiger (H)
– No, not possible.
* Nerf of the Grille? – only with a change to the TD-15/260 mission (where 8K dmg are necessary), otherwise the task becomes not about skill, but about randomness.
– In connection to changes to LT and potentially in arty, this will be the occasion to seriously reconsider the current personal missions. Their conditions as well as their values.
* How many more tanks need HD, another 100? And there will be only 2 patches until summer. It’s hard to believe that in each patch, there will be 50 vehicles, because more than 25-30 were never done at a time.
– 3 [patches].
* Slava Makarov – glory to Makarov! [TN: play of words in Russian] And can Slava Hulk-ovich manage two projects – Caliber and tanks? What’s the priority of Slava Hulk-ovich?
– Tanks.
– Marathons were not cancelled forever. Now we’re working on a couple of normal formats.
* Explain to me, Anton, how is it that in 6 years of World of Tanks project, no employee understands all the nuances and subtleties of the game, an employee who doesn’t need to ask questions and suggest ideas, because he knows everything? Now it’s 2017, and you come to the point that you can’t do anything and don’t know anything, hence it is now clear that nothing out of the Sandbox will go to the main server, because it’s nonsense .
– We have a Hulk – Slava Makarov and the team that supports him. To keep all in one head, given the magnitude of the project, is impossible. About the sandbox, it’s simple – it’s needed in order to experiment.