TAP Discord Channel – Yes or No?

So I am thinking about making our own official Discord channel for the TAP community – do you agree with this idea?



27 thoughts on “TAP Discord Channel – Yes or No?

  1. Actually when you vote yes a whole team of arties gets TKed then RNGesus decends from RNGHeaven an shows them the light an said players vow to never touch arty ever again – The End XD 10/10 story would RNG again Kappa // #oceanman XD


      1. Fully agree. TAP is more than just a news blog, it’s a community. At the moment, interaction between community members is limited to the comment section.

        However, that can change if we set up our own Discord channel.

        To give some kind of spoiler, Seb has already made the channel and it’s got plenty of text rooms for everyone to use. It’s coming soon™.

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