Heavy Tank No. VI 9.17.1 Stat & Armor Changes

Thanks to alKeshCH for sharing.



14 thoughts on “Heavy Tank No. VI 9.17.1 Stat & Armor Changes

    1. Because there are none. The guy comparing the stats is taking current stats from normal site and 9.17.1 stats from beta, where the stats are calculated differently.


  1. Yes all tanks with pzkpfw Tiger ausf. E variant turrets now have thicker front of the mantle (160mm) with overlapping areas with over 340mm of effective armor.
    Though rare and small but still very troll.


  2. How will this change anything? With all the OP premium tanks and buffs coming out these days, you could have done a little better than this?

    Do appreciate the buff to the penetration of the premium shells though. But that was needed to stand a chance to damage some tanks it will see.


  3. It’s a welcome buff. Now you can bounce standard ammo from most equal tiers and lower. with the turret. You can go hulldown a bit more reliably now. At least, if you are top tier. Tier 8’s will still shit on you.

    For tier 7 Tigers this won’t be much of an upgrade. Most of the tanks you face will still reliably pen you through the turret.


    1. You can use beta.tanks.gg for live and 9.17.1 test. And as i mentioned, it doesn’t show me any changes for hp/t & traverse. Its like the guy who rated the armor changes in one of the last articles (T14 etc) but used two different tools and so made wrong conclusions. ;) But the articles are still live and wasnt modified/updates so far.

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  4. those pictures/data are clearly from tanksGG too – with some paintstuff added. dark blue are unfortunately a “huge” nerf for turretarmor…


    1. @shoot, beta.tanks.gg and tanks.gg are different in some aspects. Therefore its not the best idea to compare armor layout or stats using these two different versions. But you can use beta.tanks.gg for live & testserver.


  5. hi its me: i indeed took the new armor values from beta.tanks.gg – and “painted” the armorchanges on the model of the 9.17 model. i did it like this because i wanted two IDENTICAL screenshots to work with – and the armorvalues are showed correctly :)
    the difference of the terrain resistance: “in dubio pro ero” (Giving the defendant the benefit of the doubt) – i indeed saw this per tanks.gg beta.tanks.gg… so i got “Trumped” it seems and wrote fakenews ^^ but we will see…


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