Chieftain on Sale

The price is $185,000. Check it out here: Link


13 thoughts on “Chieftain on Sale

  1. “The URL you have requested is blocked by Surf Protection.” Protected by Sophos.

    LOL. Good selling site. You get more than you wanted ;)


  2. I think… maybe if the WoT playerbase put together some money and bought this tank, then sent it to WG, MAYBE then they would realize how to add it in the game.

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    1. I used to have a toy Chieftain tank as a kid. Still have a soft spot for it. Too bad it is not available in WoT and that I won’t be able to afford the real deal. Armoured Warfare has it, but it just doesn’t do it for me.


      1. You know the saying, One can always dream.

        Perhaps one day… not this year, and not in the next one, but once… once we will have the Chieftain in the game, proper.


  3. I don’t give much crap about Chieftain getting added to the tree but seeing all you guys having wet dreams about it… damn it just makes me really angry seeing how dumb this company is.

    I don’t know what makes a developers, that used to give some fuck about their playerbase, turn into such dicks.
    Probably money or some shit.

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  4. It’s a ok price for 60s MBT, but this thing is going to spend more time break down than running around right?

    For anyone who really wants to play it, just play armored warfare, even though it’s a bad tank in that game…..


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