VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A HD Renders


9 thoughts on “VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A HD Renders

  1. Ooooh, niiiice, I always wanted to have it, now I want it more.
    But the grind on the Tiger P stopped me each and every time… not speaking of how I won’t be able to get it from there now.

    Hm. Maybe now then.

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    1. ummm… just got it and I was thinking the same as you, get done with the shitty Tiger P.
      Now I have it, but since this thing can’t hit or when it hit’s fails to pen, I wish I was back on Tiger P. At least on the TIger I could help my team.

      Luckily it gets some miuch needed love in the next Update…

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      1. Well if I ever get this one, it will be well into the time of it having new, sweet buffs, so no worries here, I suppose.
        What’s your opinion of the VK 100.01 P?
        Since that is the other one that will be researchable from the Tiger P and the sole reason of me re-buying that crap tank again. I really don’t want to play with the Tiger P, but…. dat ass the VK 100 has….

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        1. To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to de VK.100 yet. I’m grinding the VK 45.02 B for one sole reason, Missions stage 4:

          HT-12: Sturdy Armor Tier VI – X
          Your armor can block a great amount of damage if you use it well.
          Main Objective
          • Damage blocked by armor must be at least triple the HP of your vehicle.
          • Cause at least 3,000 HP of damage.
          Secondary Objective
          • Win the battle.
          • Survive the battle.

          YOur main advantage in the two tanks Tiger P and VK 45.02 A : Enemies usually underestimate you (and they have good reason to do so).

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          1. Same goes for the Type 4, but as soon as they run out of gold, I bounce like there is no tomorrow!
            There was that one time when I accidentally blocked almost 11k damage. Like… how?


            1. Like a Sumo?
              Like a Boss?
              Well, there I`m stuck at O-I… can’t force me to click Battle….
              I have an E 100, Problem: Guys stop shooting you afer a while…


              1. Well, I think I can help you with that, actually.
                Right now I need a platoon mate since playing against 29 players is just simply unbearable, and I also like to statpad in my KV-2, so… It’s a win-win, is it not?
                Unless you are not on the EU cluster.

                Are you?


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