WoWS: Public Test Update – 31/01/2017

Source: Tuccy, WG Staff

The Public Test server will be updated today. Here is the list of changes:

Balance changes:

  • Rare Upgrades Repair party Modification 1 and Surveillance Radar Modification 1 performance has been increased from 20% to 40% to make them more attractive – the competition in the respected slots is very high;
  • Flooding:
    • Maximum flooding time has been decreased by 25% (from 120 seconds to 90 second)
    • Maximum HP that can be lost in flooding has been rebalanced:
      • Low and mid tiers: Reduced
      • High tiers: Increased
    • Goal:
      • Increase the role of torpedoes in countering heavy ships
      • Increase the role of IJN destroyers – their torpedoes traditionally have highest chances to cause flooding:
    • Changes by tier:
      • I – III: – 33,3%
      • IV: -16,7%
      • V: -11,7%
      • VI: -6,7%
      • VII: -1,7%
      • VIII: +3,3%
      • IX: +8,3%
      • X: +13,3%
  • To increase comfort in game we have increased main caliber guns turning speed:
    • T-22 (from 10,0 degrees per second to 10,5 degrees per second);
    • Ibuki (from 5 degrees per secnd to 6 degrees per second);
  • Cruisers Marblehead and Marblehead L has received faster rudder shift (from 7,8 seconds to 5,7 seconds) to increase their survivability.
  • For the same reason, cruiser Pensacola’s visibility has been decreased.
  • Main caliber guns reload time of several USN cruisers has been decreased in order to make them more attractive as damage dealers:
    • Erie (from 7 seconds to 6 seconds);
    • New Orleans (from 14 seconds to 12 seconds for top guns);
    • Baltimore (from 13 seconds to 10 seconds for top guns);
    • Des Moines  (from 6 seconds to 5,5 seconds);
  • Speed drop penalty for flooding has been adjusted so that it is more systematic:
    • Penalty for moving forward has been decreased from 35% to 20%: USN battleships (except Arkansas Beta), Koenig Albert, Kaiser, Koenig and G. Kurfurst;
    • Penalty for moving forward has been decreased from 20% to 15% and for moving backward has been increased: Т 22, Ernst Gaede, Z-46, Ognevoy, Kiev, Leningrad, Udaloi and Khabarovsk;
    • Penalty for moving forward has been decreased from 20% to 15%: Srorozhevoy, Derzkii, Izyaslav, Blyskawica, Smith, Tashkent;


  • Fixed error that caused incorrect display of shell flying time if shooting range upgrade and spotter were mounted.
  • Fixed incorrect smokes setting: Now, the last smoke cloud is deployed at the end of smoke generator work cycle. That will prevent some inconvenient game scenarios, especially with RN cruisers that have short smoke deploying timer.
  • Fixed mismatch between circles capture indicators on the timer and on the minimap in Epicenter mode on “Warrior’s path”
  • Cyclone is turned off on the map “Warrior’s path” in Ranked Battles
  • Upgrades list in port has been set to the same order for all ships of all nations
  • Fixed error that caused some new upgrades be unavailable for ships that fit the requirements for them.