Type 5 Heavy & T110E5: New Armor Values

Left = old, Right = new

Those are all known so far, I’ll post more as soon as I find them.

Source: wot-news


40 thoughts on “Type 5 Heavy & T110E5: New Armor Values

    1. Combine this buff with the new derp gun that has 1100/1400 potential alpha, same rof as E100 (quaranteed ~550 dmg every 16 seconds) and no depression limits like earlier jap heavies, yea :P

      Cant wait to get access to test server, my dear Type 5 can finally shine :D

      ps: the derp looks dope as FUCK, its so thick

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          1. Yo leggasiini.

            “mfw when i and schnitzel ocassionally reply to each others through TAP comment section 
            I still miss him on wotlabs  ”

            I MISS YOUTOO

            And in reply to marcusflash, I don’t play wot, I gave my account to a friend for safekeeping. But I still like being informed about the game because one day I will be back and it’s still something I care about.

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  1. With that we can confirm 3 things…. confirmed Type 5 Heavy as new meta tank, confirmed ppl will still spam prem at it making it’s flat armor a pain, confirmed arty still will love to eat japanese heavys.

    Does the increased armor will give worse mobility soft stats? hope not =P


      1. Btw, since the t110e4 got a HE round that does 90pen 1100 dmg, and 18secs reload, basically way better than the gun the type 5 will get, is it really a good choice to use the derp on the type 5?


        1. “way better”

          No. Type 5’s derp has two HE: 1100 alpha HE and (likely gold) HE with 1400 alpha, 75 pen on both and same reload as E100.

          And even if the derp was e4’s gun with only HE i would still use it instead of current gun. Thats how shit teh 14cm is.


  2. I’m a little afraid that they overdid this armor now.
    Atm i was able to pen them with standard ammo and lower tier tanks actually had a chance when flanking them.

    Now all you can do is shoot prem ammo or fuck off.


        1. Why exactly should a heavy tank autowin just because you were funneled to his front by the map? Giving a tank armor with no weaknesses is bad balancing. But so is giving a tank armor unless someone loads gold.

          Armor is something that you should be able to leverage, not an immunity to frontal fire.


          1. Believe it or not, IRL tank doctrine was not “sit in front of heavy tank and shoot at front” and the armour was the ONLY thing the Type 4 and 5 had, they were pretty shit in all other ways. I don’t see you whining about the Maus, the VK 45.02 B, etc.


            1. IRL has nothing to do with this game other than providing models for the game, nor are these tanks perfectly historical to begin with.

              With that out of the way, look at this tank. No matter how it angles you cannot pen it with standard ammo from any t10 tank other than a tiny cupola that’s even smaller than the e5 one, but it also won’t bounce any prem shells despite angling because of the shoulder plate. You literally need to shoot prem to have a chance at penning it frontally.

              Contrasting that with the maus that CAN be penned quite easily with standard ammo if it’s not angling, but can angle and bounce most prems shells in the game as well with ease. Which is an armor layout that requires some thinking to leverage properly. The VKB only has the upper/lower plate as well with a poor turret front and extremely poor side armor, so as long as you remember not to shoot the upper/lower plate it does not have that much armor actually.


        2. I guess you people can’t tell a difference between 105mm buffed up to 140mm and upper part from 140mm up to 160mm ?

          Oh and good luck with flanking on the maps that are 80% corridors and lets remeber that not every single tank in the game is capable of flanking.
          Oh and good luck hitting that strip unangled or your shell not getting absorbed by the spaced armor.


  3. Doesn’t that E5 hull look like it’s gona be really easy to pen now ?
    If you angle it just a little everything will detrack and damage you now so no more sidescraping for E5 drivers.


      1. Like all other Meds ?
        Ok let me think… amm every med in the game that has more than 40mm of side armor can sidescrape and bait shots into tracks, especially Russian and Chinese while Brits also have insane troll spaced armor sides and can bait all day long.
        TD’s ?
        Many german TD’s are capabe of sidescraping, oh and lets not forget about troll auto bounce sides of SU-100M1 and SU-101, great bait.
        Heavies ?
        You have to be shitting me right ?


      1. E5 has good hull shape and wide tracks, thickness of armor doesn’t matter if you keep the angle at autobounce. Although you sometimes get lolpenned by low pen guns or detrack+damage at autobounce angles.


        1. In the mind of a pubby sidescraping = reversing out from a corner at 45 degrees and wondering why people are penetrating you.


      2. It is very able to do it IF you deal with people who don’t know about weak lower plate that you have to expose if you don’t over angle your tank.


  4. Shows WG is clueless about balancing once again. Instead of giving the type some actual HEAT proof armor they just removed one of the only places standard ammo could reliably pen and called it a day. All this does is make angling against standard ammo even more viable, prem will still invalidate any semblance of armor this tank has, just as before.

    Except now lower tiers are even more screwed fighting this tank than before.


    1. Except that a tier 8 should not face this thing from front alone. It’s not like facing a tier X medium alone (let’s say, T-62A) would be any better.

      At least against this thing you could just run away.


      1. How is buffing the side armor by 20 and 40mm not detrimental to lower tier tanks? It just makes the angle of the shot that little bit more iffy for tanks on the lower side of pen.


  5. I got Type 4 and sold it afer one week. Pointless tank in pointless game where EVERYONE throws gold ammo at such HTs. And this “buff” for Type 5 doesn’t change a thing. 330 HEAT from even tier VIII obj416 will pen it each time.
    Basically what WG is saying – USE EVEN MORE GOLD-UNICUM-ROUNDS


  6. They should just have nerfed the lower frontplate of the E5. With some skill, you can hide that weakspot and deal with it. You can’t hide a cupola. Also that nerf of the front side armor is just shit, sidescraping will be nearly impossible, so that will be another skill you can’t use.

    Nerfing this was highly needed, but they nerfed it wrong. They should just have made the lfp around 250 mm and the thing would be fixed.


  7. Based on a screenshot posted on wotlabs with hand drawn armor thickness, it looks as if the E5 cupola is going to be about 235 effective over its entire surface except the top edge. Both the upper and lower plate changed color from orange to yellow, but I’ve not seen any actual numbers on how much they got nerfed.


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