Best Suggestions from the RU WoT Community #2

Thanks to Vlad for the translation.

1. Temporary ban after kicking from training room
As the title says, I’d like to request a temp ban for around 3 minutes of people who were kicked from a training room. Currently, some idiot joins the room and starts spamming, you kick him, he just joins again.

2. Host reassignment in training room
Sometimes, the training room is going well, but you have to leave. In this case a possibility to change the host of the training room is needed.

3. New, additional customization element
I propose unique, customizable inscriptions on tank gun barrels. These can be a unique item for tanks (premium/CW/personal missions), or even for researchable ones. Limits should be set, however, regarding the inscriptions. [TN: no shit, don’t wanna look at 30 tanks holding their “Heil Hitler” barrels up high]

4. Showing spawn on minimap before the battle (CW)
In clan wars, a minimap showing the spawns would be nice, like in Fortress battles.

5. Battle duration timer on tanks in garage
A timer on tanks which are in battle, showing how long the battle can last at most. Example for this are frozen tanks on CW maps.

6. Account birthday
I propose a Wargaming account birthday, where an email is sent and you’re given some bonuses. E.g.: x3 on all tanks, some reserves, equipment etc. It’s just 1 day each year and stacks with specials.

7. Training room status
While searching for a training room, one cannot see if there is currently a battle or not. Such an indicator would be very useful.

8. Removing CW camouflage
Is it really that hard to implement removal of CW camouflage from tanks? Even if it was for gold, like 10 or even 25, 50. I painted T-54 with this camo without giving it much thought, but now would like to paint it on the Obj. 260.

9. Testing any vehicle in training room.
I think everyone had a situation after grinding a tank where he had to decide which tank to research next. Of course, you can read guides or watch recommendations, but in our game, it’s better to shoot once than to watch a hundred times. I propose to implement a feature to enter a training room battle with an unresearched tank. The amount of battles can be limited, and the feature would cost some silver.


34 thoughts on “Best Suggestions from the RU WoT Community #2

      1. They have been “Working” on arty, MM and maps for 3 years with no major change at all.

        Every major proposed change has been so dumb it was reversed, then they act liek they worked super hard on it.

        Med tanks were gonna get less penetration remember, then Overmatch mechanic was changing, they were introducing a huge gamebreaking graphics engine with destructible terrain, then sandbox was going to pave the way for balance 2.0….Nothing has happened but tiny vehicle swaps and a few premium and CW tanks either added or repainted.

        Sorry but looking at how much was added and changed in 1 year at world of warships shows just how little WOT actually does. They implement almost an entirely new GUI over a 1 year period and did more in gui since WOT has since Beta. They added 4 lines of new ships, 20+ premiums and completely reowkr skills and consumables.

        Dont drink the coolaid, they love where WOT is right now, its raking in the dough selling the FOTM OP premium while the old prems become usless until the “Rework” those and they paint them black and sell them fir a limited time only in the store so CW gold doesnt do shit.

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    1. with all respect but, are you a idiot?
      “I propose a Wargaming account birthday”
      it’s your game account birthday, not your IRL birthday, it’s to celebrate you being with WoT throughout the years and with many to come

      “Encouraging the kids to spend their birthday in front of the computer”
      did you actually read the text?
      “E.g.: x3 on all tanks, some reserves, equipment etc. It’s just 1 day each year and stacks with specials”
      what’s the last line?
      “stacks with specials”
      meaning there’s no deadline to use them but simply a reward/help for active players who have been with WoT for years (should start only after being active for 1 and a half years meaning you would get helped/rewarded in your second birthday with WG), you can wait for your x5 xp weekend event to use it


    2. Account birthdays, as in the time of the creation of the account, not the player :P WOWP already has something like this. Heck they even send you a notification when your planes are 1 year old etc. “you bought this 1 year ago today” and stuff like that.


  1. Another thing I’ve always wanted is a new “class” of tanks called “training room specials” or something, where they can put tanks like Ratte, Karl Gerät, Sturmtiger, Mk. IV etc. etc. Tanks that had blueprints/was built and fit the timeframe, but are too hard/inpossible to balance for normal game.

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        1. you only protest of one side what would may be and not what we have actually in the game and the other side of the war; one sides mind, pretty easy to read between lines


          1. jesusvsainz look at the image again, what do you see in the back? does it not look similar to the two letters (ss) that symbolize the unit composed of nazi idealists? (since most of them were part of the nazi party)

            and I must say “brith controller” was a good use of space, it makes sense when you think of the plans of propagation of the aryan race and for them “that” (the tank gun) was the solution, “the more you take down the more you stop their plan”


          2. Maybe you should lay off reading between the lines because you are imagining things which aren’t there.

            Do I need “new, additional customization elements” to use communist references?

            Let’s see:

            Red star in the game already: check
            “For Stalin” inscription in the game already: check
            “Stalinets” inscription in the game already: check
            “Joseph Stalin” inscription in the game already: check
            Map based on a Gulag: check (Although it was removed later)

            The only things missing are a Katyn and a Gulag inscription but you can freely use communist references in the game already without those.

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            1. then re read my message cause i said ” and not what we have actually in the game ”

              actual ingame decorative elements are a disgrce, if we have to see the comm shit we should also be able to see nazi propaganda… at least it had a better design


    1. Actually, this is bannable.
      So I would love it if people would bring in Nazi decorations that are visible to all rather than just a skin mod visible to themselves.

      Makes it easier to report them and get them banned.

      With nicknames, I found a guy with nickname Einsatzgruppen. Reported him, dunno if he got banned or not since no real way of knowing what they do, but he did have to spend 2500 gold on a name change.


      1. we must not forget that when inscritpions were added some smaller references to the nazi party passed under WG radar, of course they were latter reported but that’s when players found that you could recreate nazi names on your tank crew since WG just blindly added names to the pool without thinking people would find ways to use it
        some might think it’s a funny joke (people with bad taste in humor) but the neo-nazi movement keeps gaining supporters every year, and not only in germany, and of course those types of players would definitly recreate nazi figures in their crew names


      2. Just out of curiosity, Zohan, would you also report a player who uses the nickname NKVD? And I assume you are OK with the red star, right?


        1. pwla,
          Each country has stuff that offends them.
          Personally, communists have not done anything bad to me personally or my family, or my nation. So I do not find them personally offensive.
          So to answer you, no I would not report such a nickname.


            1. Well communism killed around 100 mln people and nazism killed only 25 mln. But to be fair commies need for it almost 80 years, a nazis did it in 10 years, so body count is 1,25 mln deaths per year for reds and 2,5 mln deaths for nazis. I would say nazism is worse then commies, but not by far….


          1. So by your logic, Zohan, I should be OK with the Nazis since they didn’t hurt my country much (Romania). Yeah, so they gassed a few million people, shot or hanged a few more, but hey!, since those weren’t MY people, guess their killers were cool guys.

            Or not. Victims are victims, no matter where they come from or who killed them. Getting triggered by Nazis while finding Communists “not personally offensive” is hypocrisy of the worst kind and even racism. Ironic, wouldn’t you say so? Even more ironic considering how many Jews were killed by Communist regimes.

            grlt23 – Most victims of the Communist regimes, with the exception of the Asian ones, were between 1920 and 1950.

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  2. Hmm. Who uses teh training room this much so people keep complaining about it?
    This really makes me wonder.
    Also, have they ever not hear about freezing the free places so the random idiots can’t get in?


  3. Do whatever the fuck you want. If you feel like doing some dumb shit that you dont’ understand then do it… as long as it stays in your virtual imaginary world.

    Just say or think that holocaust never happened and similar bollocks


  4. “4. Showing spawn on minimap before the battle (CW)
    In clan wars, a minimap showing the spawns would be nice, like in Fortress battles.”

    I dont get this proposal. You can see which spawn you’ve got before the battle, by looking at the top of Special Battle Window. Your spawn depends wether your Clan is on first or second position (YourClan : OpponentClan / OpponentClan : YourClan).
    Tbh, a minimap would make it alot easier to see, but it’s not like you don’t know it at all in advance.


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