Best Suggestions from the RU WoT Community #2

Thanks to Vlad for the translation.

1. Temporary ban after kicking from training room
As the title says, I’d like to request a temp ban for around 3 minutes of people who were kicked from a training room. Currently, some idiot joins the room and starts spamming, you kick him, he just joins again.

2. Host reassignment in training room
Sometimes, the training room is going well, but you have to leave. In this case a possibility to change the host of the training room is needed.

3. New, additional customization element
I propose unique, customizable inscriptions on tank gun barrels. These can be a unique item for tanks (premium/CW/personal missions), or even for researchable ones. Limits should be set, however, regarding the inscriptions. [TN: no shit, don’t wanna look at 30 tanks holding their “Heil Hitler” barrels up high]

4. Showing spawn on minimap before the battle (CW)
In clan wars, a minimap showing the spawns would be nice, like in Fortress battles.

5. Battle duration timer on tanks in garage
A timer on tanks which are in battle, showing how long the battle can last at most. Example for this are frozen tanks on CW maps.

6. Account birthday
I propose a Wargaming account birthday, where an email is sent and you’re given some bonuses. E.g.: x3 on all tanks, some reserves, equipment etc. It’s just 1 day each year and stacks with specials.

7. Training room status
While searching for a training room, one cannot see if there is currently a battle or not. Such an indicator would be very useful.

8. Removing CW camouflage
Is it really that hard to implement removal of CW camouflage from tanks? Even if it was for gold, like 10 or even 25, 50. I painted T-54 with this camo without giving it much thought, but now would like to paint it on the Obj. 260.

9. Testing any vehicle in training room.
I think everyone had a situation after grinding a tank where he had to decide which tank to research next. Of course, you can read guides or watch recommendations, but in our game, it’s better to shoot once than to watch a hundred times. I propose to implement a feature to enter a training room battle with an unresearched tank. The amount of battles can be limited, and the feature would cost some silver.