WoWS: 0.6.1 Khabarovsk stats

Thanks to Urakaze for translating

*Please note that the following stats are subject to changes before it is released*

Tier 10 Soviet destroyer

Ship HP: 22500
Max Speed: 43 knots
Rudder Shift Time: 8 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 760 m
Surface Detectability: 10 km
Air Detectability: 4.9 km

Main Battery
130mm/55 B-2-U (4 x 2)
Range: 11.2km
Reload Time: 5 seconds
Turret Rotation Speed: 9 sec/180°

HE Ammo: HE-46
Damage: 1600
Initial velocity: 900m/s
Chance of fire: 8%

AP Ammo: SAP-46
Damage: 2600
Initial velocity: 900m/s

533mm 53-39 mod.3 (2 x 5)
Damage: 15100
Speed: 56 knots
Range: 10 km
Reload: 116 seconds
Detectability: 1.1 km

533mm ET-46 (2 x 5)
Damage: 19500
Speed: 53 knots
Range: 6 km
Reload: 127 seconds
Detectability: 1.1km

130mm/55 B-2-U (4 x 2)
5.2km range, 49 damage

37mm 46-K (4 x 4)
3.5km range, 49 damage

37mm V-11 (2 x 2)
3.5km range , 18 damage

12.7mm DShK (4 x 1)
1.2km range, 14 damage

Damage control party on first slot, smoke screen on second slot and engine boost on third slot


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