T71 CMCD HD Renders

Author: Sergey Glivich

Link to Stats


11 thoughts on “T71 CMCD HD Renders

      1. “this is premium vehicle”

        Sure it is right now. However, VK 100.01 P is also premium right now, yet we all know its going to be REGULAR tank; heck, WG even revealed it to be like that directly by themselves.

        Looking at it, this thing would be very well tier 7 between T21 and T71, while T92 would be tier 7 between T37 and Bulldog. Yeah, T92 was intented to “replace” Bulldog, but that doesnt prevent it to be before it. Keep on mind that UDES 03 was designed almost 10 years later than Strv 103s yet its tier 8 before both of them. There are other cases like this, but i cant seem to remember now.

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        1. That’s because the VK did not work as a premium the way they wanted it. It was to “OP” in some aspects. It’s stats are not even the same as before when it becomes a “normal” tank. It’s not the first tank to do this, nor is it the first time a normal tank has become a premium as it was “to weak” either.


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