WoT – Sandbox : New Phase


5 thoughts on “WoT – Sandbox : New Phase

  1. I see they are still trying hard with the shell dispersion nerfs and increased penetration drops…

    There is like nothing else to test here? No E-100 AP pen buff or any other rebalance I noticed whatsoever. Only the JPE-100 and 183mm gun damage nerfs and the 120mm gun damage buff+ reload nerfs.


  2. The shell dispersion is still stupid – too many shells go straight into the center of reticle, regardless of the current spread.

    This allows for stupid snapshots on the move even if you are driving with terribly accurate (on the move) gun.

    It could be good if they forbit shots to hit the center (like the center 5%-10% radius) part of the aim cirle, when you are on the move.
    That way accurate gun would still be usefull, but terrible gun would not snapshot in a silly way.


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