WoWS Q&A – 16th January 2017

Thanks to Babykim, EU Forums

Unofficial (user-made but endorsed) transcript of a stream with WellDone, dated January, 14th.

WellDone’s favorite video games were the Heroes of Might and Magic series. He played Starcraft: Brood War during 14 years.

1. The size of a clan will initially be limited to 30 members. We plan to expand to 100 members this Spring. The maximum size might reach 300 members eventually.

2. We are still working on the design of the PvP format for clans. A variation of team battles is an option.

3. We currently do not plan PvE content for clans, but cannot completely exclude it in the future.

4. Awards for clan activity would probably be of economic nature: discounts on regular ships, boosters on ship and commander experience, possibly also credits.

5. The Bastion game mode is unpopular. The fortifications take too long to suppress. Their firepower is excessive. Firepower will be nerfed in 0.6.1 (release in about one month). In the medium term (in about 1/2 year), this game mode will be available separately. The current implementation is a test designed to collect data and user feedback.

6. The developers are satisfied with the speed of grind in the game.

7. The developers are satisfied with rank battles. There will be small changes, but the main concept is sound. Ranking battles for unicum players (purple stats) is a dubious idea. Similar modes, like the Sea Wolves League, have not been very popular.

8. The currently low rewards for spotting will probably be increased, perhaps already in 0.6.1. But rewards for spotting for damage and tanking will remain an additional source of experience and credits, not the main source.

9. The clans are the main priority for 2017. World of Tanks clans began with a global map. The WoWs clans will begin with random (clan?) battles, in which each clan member will earn bonuses for participating. An overwhelming success would be if 50 percent of all players joined a clan. 30 percent would be a success. Less than that, a failure that would require an analysis and measures taken. These benchmarks are inspired by the success of ranked battles. There will be no international, cross-server, clans.

10. The possibility of renting a ship is being discussed. This is not difficult to implement.

11. The functionality for converting gold/doubloons between the three WG games is being developed. Conversion of large amounts is already possible by contacting the support.

12. We plan events for the Chinese New Year.